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Examine the dramatic importance of the role of Alfieri in "A View from the Bridge"

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Examine the dramatic importance of the role of Alfieri in "A View from the Bridge" First performed in 1956. Arthur Millers play 'A view from the bridge' was originally set in the 1940's and started life as a one act verse before Arthur Miller converted it to a two act play to enhance and make it more enjoyable for the audience of today. In the title 'A view from the bridge' Arthur Miller is referring to the Brooklyn Bridge which used to be the largest cable bridge in the world and its main purpose is to separate Manhattan from the slums of Brooklyn such as Redhook. One of Arthur Miller's main intentions for writing this play was to show that it is still possible for all the pressures and problems of the modern world while encountering the difficulty of how to deal with the responsibility of individuals as seen in Greek tragedies. This was a big aim for Arthur Miller's play to have made a Modern Greek tragedy with all the main ingredients of one. These main attributes for a Greek tragedy can all be seen in 'A view from the bridge' and some of these include the chorus who is in the form of Alfieri while other aspects include the antagonist, a catastrophe, a prologue, a protagonist and the destiny of fate and are all fixed on the characters. ...read more.


Their actions, in particular Rodolfo's such as cooking, singing and dressmaking were all believed to be feminine tasks and as a consequence provoke him to being laughed at by Eddies co-workers and causes Eddie to become paranoid that they are also laughing at him. The reason behind Marco and Rodolfo's immigration to the USA from Italy is that there were many inconveniences and difficulties in Italy that made the choice to immigrate to the USA much more preferable than to stay in Italy. These problems had had a larger effect on Marco due to the reality that he also had to think about his family and provide his children's income for food and clothes in addition to himself whereas Rodolfo only had himself to provide for . Unemployment was a big factor in their decisions and as Arthur Miller found out through his visit to Sicily, it was the habit of these men to gather around locations in the vain hope that a local estate might need an extra worker. As they are family (Beatrice's cousins) Eddie accepts the two immigrants into his household and although the entire community believe this to be a good deed (due to the fact that many of them are immigrants too) on the other hand the truth was that he was covering up a crime and this is another example of the confrontation of the Sicilian communities laws and attitude towards justice with the actual laws in force with the public. ...read more.


Another Greek tragedy aspect that is distinguishable in 'A view from the bridge' is the prologue (an introduction) which is in the shape of Alfieri's speech which introduces the characters and the background story to the play and after the prologue the audience can figure out that the events are leading up to a tragedy. One function for Alfieri is to make the audience feel the play and he does this by giving them his perspective such as flashbacks and this makes the audience trust Alfieri in telling the truth, he also make it clear to the audience that he was "Powerless" in "stopping the run of blood on it's course". A very contrasting issue with Alfieri and the characters around him is his use and knowledge of the language. The fact that he speaks Standard English makes him stand out in the play and this tells the audience that he has been well educated, something that the other characters lack. Eddie is a prime example of this plus it can be seen in his struggle to express himself and his emotions fully to Alfieri who helps him on the way. The presence of law and justice is always in the minds of the audience and Alfieri always reminds them of this as he is a lawyer even in extended periods of action when we forget that Alfieri is narrating but somewhat see him as another character in the play. ...read more.

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