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Examine the dramatic role of the inspector in the play.

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An Inspector Calls By J B Priestly Assignment Title: Examine the dramatic role of the inspector in the play. This play was written in 1945 and set in 1912 and was first performed in London in 1946. In the play the character - Arthur Birling is from the audiences view an arrogant, irritable and impatient person. He wished to keep his work force on a low salary and didn't feel sorry or responsible for Eva's gruesome death. Sybil Birling is very uncooperative by not admitting to recognising the photo the inspector shows her and reluctantly answering the inspector's questions, she is stubborn, naive and cold-hearted. Sheila Birling seems genuinely remorseful and feels worse about what has happened than the others. Sheila seems to be very emotional, lively and moral. Eric Birling is a heavy drinker, has getting a prostitue pregnant (Eva) and has even stolen money from his father's business to support Eva. He seems irresponsible, dunk and nervous. Gerald Croft is committed to his work like Arthur Birling, also like Arthur he try's to hide what he done than what has happened due to what he's done. Eva Smith / Daisy Renton was a factory worker at Birling and Company, shop assistant at Milwards and a Prostitute. ...read more.


Inspector Goole firstly questions Mr. Birling the girl is known as Eva Smith, Mr. Birling informs the Inspector that he remembers her after showing him a photograph of the girl, he mentions that she was a good worker but I had to sack her, and that she was causing trouble by leading all hi other workers into a pay rise strike. Mr. Birling then says that her suicide had nothing to do with him and it was just business but the Inspector tells him otherwise and goes on to question Sheila, firstly mentioning that after Arthur (Mr. Birling) had dismissed Eva she was out of work and desperate and luckily got a job as a shop assistant in Milwards, and that she was doing well until she was sacked. This statement creates tension between Sheila and the rest; Sheila knew that she had managed to get somebody sacked at Milwards not to long ago. Inspector Goole showed Sheila a picture of a girl, which makes Sheila even more nervous. Sheila then mentioned the reason was that Eva made her jealous because she looked so much better in a dress then Sheila did. She asked for Eva to be sacked or she would never shop there again. ...read more.


This reveals that Eric gets drunk, steals and takes unnecessary risks. When the Inspector leaves the house tension is released along with the inspector, the Inspector was gone at last and the Birlings could breath again without the Inspector listening. When they find out that the Inspector was in-fact an impostor they have a kind of celebration because they don't all believe they killed someone and a telephone call to the infirmary confirms that no one has died there today. The Birlings then believe everything is instantly ok and relax a bit. At the end of the play the telephone call which announces that a girl has just died after taking disinfectant and an Inspector would be arriving to ask some questions has quite a strong impact firstly everyone thinking who was it who had just been and questioned them - a ghost? A ghoul? Also a lot of tension is created due to everyone imagining being questioned all over again. No one is sure who the Inspector really was my suggestion is a ghost or a ghoul maybe from the future who has witnessed what has happened and came to teach the family a lesson a clue for this is in the Inspectors name - Inspector Goole sounds like the word Ghoul which is a an evil spirit or demon in Muslim folklore believed to plunder graves and feed on corpses. Paul Cuthbert Mrs. Kirkwood ...read more.

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