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Examine the methods used to present the character of shylock in the trial scene showing how these might affect an audience's response to him.

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GCSE English Merchant of Venice 1. Examine the methods used to present the character of shylock in the trial scene showing how these might affect an audience's response to him. There are several methods used to present the character of shylock. The play is set in Venice; it is a play that is anti Semitic only against Jews. It has some comedy, love and tragedy. Shylock is a Jew like many Jews during that time 1956 Venice was the most powerful and city state in Europe. Jews were forbidden to own any property. Shylock is a money lender. His characteristics show that he is a man who sticks to his words he has demand. The trial scene is an crystallisation of the play. ...read more.


Shakespeare's use of language is that it spins around the polarity between the surface attractiveness of gold and the Christian qualities of mercy and compassion that lie beneath the flesh. That's how Shakespeare uses his language it has a meaning every word he uses in the play. Shylocks famous speech "If you prick us" In act 3 scene 1 this makes us consider our attitudes towards him, but then he spoils his plea by using to justify plain revenge. The trial scene shows him at his worst. He comes prepared with the scales of justice and also with a knife which he keeps sharpening; determined to cut the flesh himself. Shylock rejects any plea for justice to be tempered by mercy. ...read more.


This is when shylock praises Portia as she reads out the bond and talks with justice and law. He keeps on complimenting her. He refuses to supply a surgeon to stop Antonio's wounds. This shows us that shylock has no inner feelings for Antonio Shylock is referred to as an outcast. "If it be proved against an alien" Basically they are trying to call him a foreigner. And lastly shylock uses a lot of repetition in his words. Overall shylock got mocked of himself because he was a Jew and was terribly ashamed and the other characters had got what they wanted from the law. This also includes the whole court case. Finally this is told by the correct language and prose of William Shakespeare. This makes the script more logical and formal for every one to read. ?? ?? ?? ?? GCSE English Sajna faruk ...read more.

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