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Examine the narrative techniques used by Victoria writers of short stories.

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Examine the narrative techniques used by Victoria writers of short stories. Sikes and Nancy-Charles Dickens The Ostler- Wilkie Collins Captain Murderer- Charles Dickens The Signalman- Charles Dickens The tell tale heart- Edgar Allen Poe The treasure in the forest- H.G. Wells London in the beginning of the 19th century was the largest city in the world and by the beginning of Queen Victoria's reign the population had doubled. Because of the large growth in such a short time, many of the areas of housing were suburban and there was inadequate sewage. However this only applied to the poor people, the upper class could afford large houses with everything they needed. There was a huge difference between the two classes and class was very important to the Victorians. The Victorian culture was very contrasting to the culture that is now part of our lives. However, England was becoming more cultured throughout the reign of Queen Victoria. Many rich families would watch plays and visit the opera. Also, many rich families would spend the evenings making their own entertainment. They would play the piano, sing, and read aloud. As the country developed, more people would visit parks, zoos and museums. ...read more.


Possibly, he thinks that writing about the missed years would be irrelevant to the main point of the story. However, Sikes and Nancy is told in chronological order without jumping forward or backward in time. A lot happens in a short space of time. Captain Murderer is a good example of an informally told short story. It is written simply like someone telling his or her friend a funny story. On the other hand, the Ostler is more formal using more complex sentences and language. The Ostler is written in a style that in my opinion would have been for an upper class family whereas Captain Murderer could have been read by less educated people. Also the Ostler's storyline is more complicated than the simple storyline of Captain Murderer. The plot in Captain Murderer is simple and is like a fairytale, because the 'goody' got the 'baddy' and everything works out all right in the end. However in a fairytale no one is harmed except the 'baddy' and the 'baddies' victims. In the end of Captain Murderer the heroine dies as well as the 'baddy.' The type of language that Victorian writers used is different from what we would use now. ...read more.


However, I still think that the story would be best narrated by the visitor. Some of the short stories were narrated by two people, they started out being told by one person and then as the story develops another character takes over. This is what happens in The Ostler. First, a visitor narrates the story and then the Ostler's boss, though none of them is connected to what happens to the Ostler, it is still very effective. A story that is told by a narrator is Sikes and Nancy, this story uses direct speech, not many of the stories do, and it centres on what Nancy is doing or what people are doing about Nancy. This short story may have been good if it had been told by Fagin or the spy who follows her. The story is still very effective told by a narrator though. The Victorian times were very different to now. In my opinion, I doubt that people would buy magazines for the stories that were in them. Short stories are still very entertaining though and perhaps people may still read them if they were serialized in magazines. There are a more wider selection of leisure activities now that people can choose to do instead of reading or listening to short stories so the demand would be less for them than in the Victorian times. ...read more.

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