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Examine the party scene where Romeo and Juliet first meet - What makes this scene dramatic and effective on stage?

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Examine the party scene where Romeo and Juliet first meet. What makes this scene dramatic and effective on stage? There are mainly two different themes in the play "Romeo and Juliet": Love and Hate. These two emotions are expressed throughout "Romeo and Juliet", but are most prominent in Act 1 Scene 5. Romeo expresses his strong feelings of love for Juliet: "Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear". This shows that Romeo tries to inform Juliet of his love for her in the strongest way he can. He shows his love by saying that she's richer than anything, she's worth more than the world and that she's heavenly. The theme of love also links in with another sub theme, which is that Shakespeare often compares love to money. "As a rich jewel in an Ethiop's ear", again expressed by Romeo for his love to Juliet. He can't tell Juliet or anyone how much he reveres her. ...read more.


"My life is my foe's dept". Romeo was deeply in love with Juliet, as if he had won a fortune, and suddenly he has fallen into great debt. This part of the play makes the scene effective on stage because it crumbles away all the romantic feelings and love, it builds up tension. Romeo and Juliet are madly in love, however they are in great danger. A disturbing emotion hits Juliet when she finds out that her lover's name is Romeo Montague. She calls for her nurse expecting to hear good words about the person who catches her eye at the party. "Go ask his name. If he be married," Juliet wants to find out as much as she can about this gentleman, and when she does, it is not what she wanted to hear. "His name is Romeo, and a Montague, the only son of your great enemy." The nurse breaks the bad news to Juliet. ...read more.


The words said by Tybalt places Romeo in great danger, it makes the audience care for Romeo. Shakespeare makes this scene dramatic by introducing Romeo to his love, in a place where his life could end soon. Shakespeare combines the two main themes of the play very closely together in this scene. While Romeo and Juliet are expressing their love for one another, inside there is existing hate for each other which they are not aware of. The hate is not there for them as individuals, but there for the names which they have been given. As they are winning the money, it is slowly sliding out of a hole in their pockets which they are not aware of. Shakespeare also builds up the tension for their future in this scene. The audience knowing that their families are rivals, and that there is much confusion in the air, the audience are tense to see the outcome. It is blatant to the audience at this stage that the play will either end with love or hate, but they do not know which. ...read more.

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