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Examine the relationships in "Tony kytes the arch deceiver", "the unexpected", "strike pay" and "turned". What do you find interesting about the ways in which they are presented?

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Examine the relationships in "Tony kytes the arch deceiver", "the unexpected", "strike pay" and "turned". What do you find interesting about the ways in which they are presented? This essay discusses four short stories that concern relationships. These four stories were written at different times and invite the comparison of the different relationships within them. These four short stories also highlight the differences between social backgrounds. The historical and cultural contexts are important and there influence upon our expectations of the characters. "Tony Kytes the Arch Deceiver" by Thomas Hardy was based in rural England in the 19th century. The local dialect is used to show the agricultural working class. "Whichever of'em did not ask to ride with thee" is an example of the dialect used in this story. Because of the era it is set in the reader would expect the women to be indeed of a husband to have a secure and stable future, especially a man like Tony who, owning a horse and cart, is clearly a man of property. ...read more.


Lawrence uses horses as a metaphor fore the miners' lives. This perhaps helps us to feel sympathy for Ephram and to understand Mauds actions at the end of the story. Another story written in the 20th century is "Turned" by C.P Gilman. In this story, the class is shown by use of Standard English as in "The Unexpected". It is also clear that Mrs Marroner can afford to dismiss her husband due to her likely financial resources. Because it is set in the 20th century, the reader is less surprised to see the wife leave, as, although women were less educated than nowadays, a woman in her position can afford to reject unwanted marriage. The characters and stereotypes in these four stories are plain to see. In the title "Tony Kytes the Arch Deceiver" by Thomas Hardy, Tony is already portrayed as an Arch Deceiver". ...read more.


He is not faithful to any of the women. This is contrasted by "the unexpected" where the relationship is intense and passionate. "She had sat daily for hours gazing upon his portrait". They both also have strong expectations about the relationships. In the stories third parties and other forces in the relationship, make the relationships change. In "Tony Kytes" Tony is influenced by his father, which makes him like Hannah? If they were left to themselves Tony would have ended up with Hannah. In "The Unexpected" the third party is not a person but a disease that changes Randall from the person Dorothea loved into someone she loathes. "This was not the man she promised to love and marry". In "Turned" Greta is obviously the third party in the relationship. Gertas' baby is also another influencing factor in the relationship. I think if Gerta did not have a baby Mrs Marriner would have turned Gerta away. I found "Tony Kytes the Arch Aeceiver" was my favourite story because it uses local dialect and I find some parts humorous. Luke Beadle 11SDI ...read more.

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