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Examine the role of Alfieri in the play.What is the character’s dramatic purpose?

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Examine the role of Alfieri in the play. What is the character's dramatic purpose? Alfieri is a middle-aged lawyer who also lives in Brooklyn. He came to the city from Italy just like the other characters. He is different to the rest of the characters by having a higher level of education and higher status in the community. In this play, Alfieri is telling the story as if he has already witnessed it. He brings up themes such as justice and law. Justice meaning what other people saw was right and just "justly shot by unjust men". It is not the law or the right action to do. The law is the written set of rules used in the nation and is what you are meant to do but not what is just or fair. The play starts with the three main characters. Eddie, his wife Beatrice and their niece Catherine. Later, Marco and his brother Rodolfo arrive into America illegally. Rodolfo and Catherine fall in love, infuriating Eddie and he eventually reports the two immigrants to the authorities. ...read more.


Alfieri can also be perceived as a commentator, by commenting on the play and the characters " Eddie Carbone had never expected to have a destiny". He comments on Eddie the most, as he is the main character of the play. He describes his thoughts and feelings about him "he was as good a man as he had to be" and "I will love him more than all my sensible clients". Alfieri certainly builds tension in the audience. He creates a sense of foreboding through his language and suggests that something might happen. "Alone together in the house" and "he had committed a crime". The audience is then expecting something exciting or horrifying to happen. They can feel the tension building. The audience can tell when there will be a new twist added to the story every time Alfieri starts a speech. Alfieri's character also helps to bring out Eddie's own thought and emotions by being the only person in the play in whom Eddie confides. Eddie can tell Alfieri things because he knows that Alfieri has better education and can help. ...read more.


That Marco killed Eddie as it was his justice for Eddie killing his children "He killed my children!" The law is the rule but it is unfair, although the right thing to do. The law is unjust for these people and they do not believe it is as important as justice. This might be because there are less laws in Italy and they mostly depended on justice and their own form of punishment. Alfieri is both a character and a narrator he would act as a character and step out of this role to recap, comment and give personal opinions of the last scene and gives portent or warning of the upcoming scene. He can also be interpreted as a reworking of the Greek chorus. He raises the themes of justice and law and their interpretations in this play. Alfieri's dramatic purpose is to add tension and suspense to the story as well as helping the audience to understand the story better. He adds exciting narrative and is also an important character used to show the true feelings of Eddie by being the only person Eddie talks to. He is a tool used by Miller to explain the play better and expose the thoughts of other characters as well as his own. ...read more.

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