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Examine the role of Alfieri in the play, what is the characters dramatic purpose.

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A view from the bridge: Examine the role of Alfieri in the play, what is the characters dramatic purpose. In the tragedy, 'A view from the bridge', Eddie Carbone is identified through the character of Alfieri as being the hero. An actor playing Alfieri would, basically need to convey himself being as a simple straightforward man working as a family lawyer near the slums surrounding the Brooklyn Bridge. Alfieri is a character created by Arthur miller, this is a sophisticated character which acts a bridge between the audience and the character as a small time lawyer and as a narrator telling this twisted tale as if it was his past. To the audience Alfieri is a well-educated sophisticated lawyer that is distinct to the other characters in the play. Alfieri is a character that is seen to be a well-educated well-mannered gentleman with a broad vocabulary. This perverse tale is a the account of this lawyer that has "dealt with... family squabbles, the petty troubles of the poor", yet he is still faced with that case where he is powerless and watches "it run its bloody coarse". The saga located where law "has not been a friendly idea" but justice "is very important". The carbone couple and their niece Catharine who lives with them anticipate the illegal arrival of Eddie Carbone in-laws. ...read more.


A lawyer is told in greatest confidents a clients view, and Arthur miller has made Alfieri to tell these thoughts of Eddie as the audience will come to grips with the situation. The role of Alfieri here has been to talk to the audience like a 'bridge', about these meeting that he has had Eddie as they have previously seen the dram unfold between these characters, and as these conversation end between these intense characters, Alfieri job would then be to transform into an narrator and open up to the audience about what his thoughts are. An example of this would be when Eddie confronts Alfieri in his office in desperation about the situation about Rodolpho having a relationship with Catherine as he believes that the sole purpose of him doing so is to get his papers to become an American citizen. After hearing Eddie side of the story he would then turns to audience and tells the audience "...I could have finished the whole story that afternoon. It wasn't as if it was a mystery to unravel. I could see every step coming". This is another example of Alfieri giving the audience hints about the climax would be catastrophic. As a device he makes the audience eager to know what these next steps would be. ...read more.


I kept wanting to call the police.......nothing at all had really happened. Within the play there are also are brief moments in which Alfieri and Eddie have a conversation in which Eddie opens up and confides his problems to the family lawyer, Alfieri. The main issue that is raised by Eddie is related to Catherine and her new love Rodolpho. Eddie as a character at this point is fixated on the idea that his niece's new love Rodolpho is gay. The term that Eddie uses is "he aint right". Using these conversations we get gain an insight to the ideas of Eddie. "He's eyes were like tunnels". "I could see every step coming, step after step". "Pray for him... so I waited here". Arthur miller has created a complex character known as Alfieri. This device will allow everyone reading or watching this play get the full impact of the play. Alfieri is a character that explains situations well. Alfieri explains the society known as red hook where the drama has taken place and talks about the lifestyles of some people is like. Alfieri also fictively interacts with the audience as bridge and talks about the drama from a different prospective. He builds a lot of tension by handing out hits and clues related to the climax to the play. He also makes a clear point about the Brooklyn Bridge that the difference between these two societies are separated by this one bridge and this is the view that Alfieri has from the bridge. ...read more.

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