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Examine the theme of love and marriage in at least two texts you have studied

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Examine the theme of love and marriage in at least two texts you have studied Everybody has diverse outlooks on the terms love and marriage. This is because both terms depend on a number of aspects such as background, personal attributes, religion, and personal experiences etc all of which are unique to each person. Love is a very controversial thing and there are numerous forms of it. There is perhaps the most obvious love for a partner (sexual love) this is the most common outlook of love. This type of love is one all consuming and sometimes can bring heartache it is a love completely of another person both in mind and body. Love can also be in the paternal sense a love of a parent to a child or from one member of a family to another, this is a perhaps more trustworthy love then that in the sexual sense as there will always be this family relationship between the two members whereas sexual love may come and go. This is steadfast love and perhaps in some senses the strongest love as most parents would die before having their children hurt but may easily look over their partners dismay. ...read more.


Maybe this shows us that love is fickle as it wavers with dependency. It definitely shows us that love is an important aspect needed for marriage however as this story depicts in showing someone more willing to give up life as they know it then their hand to someone they don't love. 'The unexpected' certainly in the aspect of loves involvement with marriage fails to mirror either of the other two stories. In 'a suitable boy' the setting is on an arranged marriage and here it shows how caste and social status is important with lines such as 'Pran was indeed.............and of the right caste'. In this text it is important to the culture that mothers and fathers marry off their children to other members in the same social status in order to conjoin the two families. In our western culture this may seem a ludicrous thing but if we dig deeper we will see that this too is apparent in our society. Members of western society whom are of a high social status are infact promised already by their family members to someone else in an attempt to make the two families one. ...read more.


and how the mother in 'A suitable boy' struggles to distain her daughters grunts of disapproval over arranged marriages. As we can see after examining these themes further there are indeed abundant elucidations of the themes love and marriage and indeed they are dependant on factors such as origin, religion and personal qualities. However what we have discovered from these texts is that too love may grow in honesty over the years ('Tony Kytes' in comparison to 'The unexpected'). We too have exposed that marriage is less often drawn out of context then love (Real love in all three texts is open for interpretation but certainly in 'A suitable boy' and 'the unexpected' at least one character strives to not enter marriage until they are truly in love) . Finally we have also revealed that most people do eventually strive for true love in whatever form it may take (shown in all 3 women in 'Tony kytes....' Lowering themselves to try and obtain love and in 'A suitable boy' and 'The unexpected' characters being willing to wait and put themselves through social dismay so they will be free when true love really does show itself). Jackie Dunkley 1 Ms Clifford English coursework Love and marriage ...read more.

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