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Examine the theme of responsibility throughout an inspector calls

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Examine the theme of responsibility throughout an 'inspector call' An Inspector Calls is a play that examines how rich Edwardians were seen to be irresponsible. It does this by showing us different views and actions of a family called the Birlings. When a girl called Eva Smith dies and everybody has a part in the killing. The characters are used to show how we can all be irresponsible Eva smith was a girl who was a victim. She was a victim because she killed herself because of the desperate situations she found herself in. Every body did something very bad to Eva and this forced her to drink disinfectant. I am going to analyze how Priestly presents rich Edwardian families and how they treated people who had no power. From the beginning of the play Arthur Birling is presented as a selfish, arrogant person this is because Mr. Birling is expecting Gerald Croft to combine businesses. ...read more.


Priestly is showing us the importance of change of change and how we can all be more irresponsible. Gerald croft actions gave him away when the inspector mentions the name Eva was known by after being sacked. Gerald acts surprised, furthermore Sheila notices his discomfort when hearing her name and questions him when the inspector leaves. Sheila helps the inspector in finding out about Gerald's affair with Eva. She questions Gerald however the reader is left confused as to whether this is due to a need to know details or a need to find others guilty and relieve her own conscience. On the other hand Gerald Croft is presented selfish man who thinks about himself. This can be seen in the line "so that I could make love to her". This gives us the impression that he was just using her, he is lying to the family that he wanted to help but he was really thinking about himself. ...read more.


Mrs. Birling eventually confesses and tells the inspector how she denied Eva help when she came to her charity organization for women. In conclusion, the inspector's attitude towards the Birling family did not after following their confessions. He always acted professionally but there was no doubt that he wanted to highlight their guilt. After each character admits to their involvement the inspector summarizes the events, their guilt and reminding the reader of their wrongdoing. Before the inspector leaves the Birling house, he delivers a compelling speech designed to teach the Birlings to accept their involvement in the death of Eva. The inspector is a device used by the playwright to help people know how rich Edwardians were like. He wanted them to realise the consequences of their actions and help people who need it, whoever they are or whatever they have done. The inspector takes control of the situation prior to his speech. He tells them all to 'stop!' immediately capturing their attention and making sure they realize the seriousness of the situation. This would have been said in a controlling precise voice. The inspector begins by starting that Eva died. ...read more.

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