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Examine the way Emily Bront fulfils the expectations of the 'gothic' genre in her novel Wuthering Heights.

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Examine the way Emily Bront� fulfils the expectations of the 'gothic' genre in her novel Wuthering Heights. Within this essay I will examine the social and historical background of Emily Bront�'s upbringing, and the way her only novel, wuthering height, is related to the gothic genre. Emily Bront� was brought up in a time very different from our own; she lived on secluded moors and without many of our modern day privileges, and became very close to her family. Many of her close family members died within her lifetime, affecting her deeply and leaving her emotionally scarred. The tragedy and misfortune of Emily Bront�'s life is shown through her novel 'Wuthering Heights'. The many dark, sad and misfortunate parts of this novel which represent Emily Bront�'s life are the same parts which can be categorised it in to the gothic genre. Cathy represents Emily Bront�; they both suffered the loss of a parent and lived on secluded moors. ...read more.


'Opening his coat which he had bundled up in his arms.' 'A dirty black haired child.' This is when Heathcliff is brought into the story, we don't know where he came from, what life he had been living and who are his parents. Supernatural events are a common feature of a gothic novel. Wuthering Heights show this feature through the appearance of Cathy many years after her demise. 'Stretching an arm out to seize the importunate branch instead of which, my fingers crossed on the fingers of an ice cold hand.' I believe that the appearance of Cathy's ghost keeps the readers interested and makes them wonder, as many people do not know what to think or believe when they hear of supernatural events as there is no prove that supernatural beings do or do not exist. The gothic genre that Emily Bront� has used within Wuthering Heights is also portrayed through the overwrought emotion many of the characters have. ...read more.


She picks Edgar over Heathcliff because he is of a higher class. This shows the shallowness of society at the time and that society was male dominated. Women were forced to be dependent on men and had to marry men they didn't love to secure them a financial future and to gain a better social status. The novel raises issues that can been seen in societies of all times, including the modern society in which we live. It shows how people are judge on material things, most commonly in this novel it shows how people are judged on social status. The novel is told through two narrations, Nelly Dean and Lockwood. The parts of the novel that Nelly Dean narrates are informal, This shows Nelly is a servant, and is considered to be lower class in society. However when Lockwood narrates, the language is more formal, and like that of a highly educated person showing he is of higher class than Nelly Dean is. 1 Draft 3 Gemma Davis ...read more.

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