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Examine the ways in which women have been represented in advertising, comparing a 1960s moving image with a modern still image.

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Essay title: Examine the ways in which women have been represented in advertising, comparing a 1960's moving image with a modern still image. Advertising is where a company persuades the public to buy their product. Advertisers use certain skills which the viewers can relate to in their ordinary lives. An organization usually sponsors media-advertising to convince consumers that its products will benefit them. To help them do this they use a range of strategies to suit the customer's frame of mind which I will go on to explaining, this may include; ideal children, heart strings, selective editing, sound effects. The adverts I will be focusing on is the OXO advert and the archers advert. The OXO advert is a moving image and encourages the viewers to buy a food item. The advert uses a range of techniques such as the ideal family, repetition to draw the viewer's attention to their product. This advert is set in the 1960's and uses typical stereotypes to sell their item. It represents women as very acquiescent and submissive people. Whereas the archers advert is set in 2002 and is much more modernised. This advert also makes women appear in a much more rebellious, resilient and independent role. In advertising there are different ways in which a company can bring forth their product to the audience. ...read more.


Sometimes the same advert is repeated within a minute in the same series of adverts. Stereotypes in the 60's were another system to get the viewers more drawn in to the advert. In the OXO advert the women was made to stay at home whilst the man went out to work. Even though stereotypes can be positive, they always have a negative impact and can lead to discrimination. Adverts nowadays avoid stereotypes to show they are in touch with the modern world. Such as the archers advert which portrayed women as more self-sufficient. Power of association is often used in adverts to associate the product with an emotion or process. For instance in the in the OXO advert it made the OXO look as though it is very easy to make when it was stirred in the pan. Over time advertising has altered in various ways. In the 1920's companies used words and drawn images to advertise their products. Advertisement was also used to join people in the army in world war two. They used psychological techniques to persuade people to join the armed forces. These recruitment exploited people's fears, anxieties and guilt. The earliest ads were in effect privately placed announcement, mostly for patented medicines and miraculous cures. ...read more.


Directly above the lock, in modern font is written Rapunzel- a traditional woman. Her long hair symbolizes her humility and chastity. This advert shows that modern Rapunzel does not need a man to rescue her. Instead she uses her initiative to break free herself. The props on the advert-scissors and locks of cut hair represent her cutting free from social constraints and individuality. The slogan on the advert 'come out and play', the word 'play suggests innocence, fun, childhood and fairytale. The concept of this advert associates them woman having fun with drinking archers. It is ironic because alcohol can intoxicate you and you may lose control of your inhibitions. The archers advert is based on women being more independent whereas women in the OXO advert are portrayed in a more obedient and meek role. The OXO advert uses stereotypes to sell their product but the archers advert shows women in a more autonomous role to perceive that they are up to date with the outside world. In my opinion I think the role of women in advertisement has definitely changed. In the early ads advertisers used stereotypes to sell their product. Women were usually mothers and were shown as acquiescent people in the adverts. In modern adverts women are show as more outgoing and sovereign. I think women have been treated more fairly in the recent adverts because I believe they have the same ability to go out and work. ...read more.

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