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"Examine the writers use of setting in a range of short stories" Consider the effect that each writer has created and how that contributed to the atmosphere.

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"Examine the writers use of setting in a range of short stories" Consider the effect that each writer has created and how that contributed to the atmosphere. This essay is going to be on a range of stories trying to grip the reader until the end of each story. The Signalman keeps the reader in suspense because The Signalman tells the narrator all about his visions and how they have come true so far and then you want to know if his last vision is going to become true. The man with the Twisted Lip keeps the reader in suspense doing a range of different things and it also helps that it is a mystery. These things are that the man was thought to be kidnapped and completely gone missing and there are no traces of him. It also makes you want to find out if Sherlock Holmes will be able to discover where the man has gone. The Red Room keeps the reader in suspense because the narrator and the other characters make out that a ghost haunts the red room but as he goes in the red room he discovers what the room is really haunted by. I think that the author (Charles Dickens) chose to set the story of The Signalman in the 1860`s when the rail way was a new invention beginning to spread across the nation and in Dickens doing this it was a very good touch. It was also a very good idea to add class into the story because there was a division and although the signalman was very educated he was a low rank of social class, hence his job. ...read more.


This was a new and foreign idea for this time of writing. My last quote from the Man with the Twisted Lip is when Sherlock Holmes solves the case. It gives an exotic touch as it applies to the Victorian bedroom. The quote is " he collects pillows and creates an Eastern driver, sitting cross legged in the dim light which is shining upon his face as his pipe makes blue smoke." This is so well written and makes a great effect because it is almost a mystical process how he solves the case. As I have shown The Man with the Twisted Lip has many effects on the settings of the story and is one of the best of the five stories. These five stories, though different, have in common their writer's intention to keep the reader in suspense. The Red Room keeps you in suspense because of the way that H.G Wells has put a range of different effects into the settings of the story. My first quote on the Red Room is when you first meet all the characters, " I caught a glimpse of myself abbreviated and broadened to an impossible sturdiness in the queer old mirror." This is my first quote because it has a weird effect, it introduces you to the characters in the story, the mirror is one of the many old objects in the castle and it gives the effect of distorting the man to look like the other deformed people. " This haunted room of yours ... is the red room." This early quote in the story is important because it symbolises what the room stands for and is effective because red is seen as a danger colour and death and both of these ...read more.


In the stories the use of candles can either create a sense of security and safety or highlight a sense of insecurity in the characters. A prime example of using the dark, gloom and absence of light is the Man with the Twisted Lip and the Red Room, because when the darkness takes the narrator's lights away and the shadows take over, it gives the narrator an unsafe feeling. In The Man with the Twisted Lip the dark ally ways give a sense of uncertainty which makes the reader feel unsure about what is going to happen. The geography of where each story is set is built into the storyline itself as shown in The Signalman. The setting in the ravine with all the damp and all the surroundings provide an ideal location for a supernatural story. In the Three Strangers both the geography and the weather are important. It makes being outside feel very unsettling and the hills give an impression of an endless landscape. Inside the cottage it is warm and cosy and it is used as a contrast to the weather like in the other stories. The descending into a place is used as a simile, as in the Man with the Twisted Lip, Dr Watson walks down into the open den as if he was going into hell. This is the same in the Red Room, as the narrator has to descend all the staircases and hallways, which has the effect of being in a repugnant and unnerving place. So over all, all five stories have different effects but they are linked in two main ways, which are the candles and the weather, which seems to determine what is going to happen at what times in the story. All five stories have a huge effect on the settings and atmosphere! ...read more.

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