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Examining women from a soap opera - Eastenders.

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Holly Parr Eastender's includes a variety of different women but portrays them all in a very similar way. The Slater sisters are probably the best example as many different aspects are shown through there characters. Firstly the eldest sister Lynne was first established as a mother figure. She was down to earth and trustworthy. She has hopes for a stable family with Gary. However this was soon changed when Lynne began an affair with Beppe. This showed her to be very different than the viewer originally thought. Zo� is the baby of the family and she uses this to her advantage. ...read more.


However it is in my opinion the total opposite, I think that the writer showed how men treat some women still in today's society and this storyline has reached many people and helped women to realise they are not alone. The writer has also shown that women have the power to stand up to bullies and don't have to be the victim anymore. This was more thoroughly shown as Little Mo got out of jail. Kat is the party queen of the family. She's wild, lazy but very headstrong. She will use her charms to get what she wants - usually men. ...read more.


The viewer can see the complex nature of Kats personality and some may be able to relate to her. Relating to characters may help viewers to become stronger and realise there are more people who have been through these things and that they are not alone. The viewer can understand Kats reluctance to love a man and almost feel the turmoil she has kept inside her. The viewer can also strongly relate to Little Mo and her domestic abuse and this storyline showed that domestic abuse is still a big factor in today's society. These storylines all feature very strong and unique women who have accepted what life has thrown at them and coped with it in there way with the help of their family. ...read more.

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