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Examples of different types of poems

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´╗┐Limericks Obese Cooking There once was a chef named Prease Who always used too much grease His burgers were divine, His dinners were fine, But his cooking made me obese. The hat, mat There was a young man who sat, Quite thoughtlessly on his hat. ...read more.


Stinging Bees A bee flies quickly, It turns around and stings me, Then falls to the ground. Acrostic Friends Friends are forever Relying on the other half Inquiring to complete what the other lacks Enjoying each others accompany Never lies, never hides Doing everything together Standing up for one another Diamante Neither can live while the other survives Dreams Imaginary, Subconscious ...read more.


And you will worry her to death If you come with a bad breath. Cheetos stain your face. Nacho aroma is not hard to trace. Mother's have been known to yell, "Is that a bad boy that I smell?" Spices odour tends to cling And coffee gets on everything. To be greeted by mom's happy shouts Munch a bunch of brussel sprouts Concrete Teeth White as snow, Bloody as ruby, They are shiny, Just like jewellery?s. Teeth ! ! ...read more.

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