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Experiencing Canada

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Experiencing Canada As I left my house (deserting all my friends my animals etc.) I, or rather we, set off in the two-hour journey to Heathrow airport. My parents occupying the front seats, leaving my sister and I too scrap in the back. We backed out off the driveway, drove down the street and headed straight for the nearest A road. As we arrived at the airport I felt a sudden rush of excitement come over me. It had finally sunk in that I would be travelling nearly halfway around the world to an atmosphere that had not yet experienced. We drove through the iron gates, entering a three-story car park, masses of taxis, and most importantly of all, the runway! ...read more.


My mother and father franticly transferred our entire luggage from one bag into the others whilst my extremely hyper sister and I stood eagerly waiting to approach the plane. Then when we finally checked-in we entered the plane and left the runway on our long hideous flight... My mum, dad, sister and I finally arrived at Toronto, Canada and my Auntie was waiting in the pick up point in her large beige Ford 4x4. She greeted us with a cheerful hug, a gentle kiss on the cheek, and then we set off in the car (or should I say a monster) to her house. As we drove out of the airport I studied the environment around me. ...read more.


We pulled up into their driveway, eager to see their house. We walked through the front door and immediately thought that we were in paradise. The d�cor was pleasant, the smell was appealing but as my aunt showed me around I thought to myself, ''There are only three bedrooms''? As we walked down the long spacious corridor I noticed stairs, they have a basement. I later discovered that in the basement was another living room, a mini-gym, two bedrooms, a games room, a bathroom, and most importantly, a beer closet. On top of the upstairs living room, the kitchen, dinning room, study, two bathrooms, and three bedrooms this was my idea of a perfect house. For the first couple of days we all went shopping to one of Toronto's malls. And then as a special treat for lunch my auntie and uncle took me to one of their favourite restaurants. The Sneaker. ...read more.

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