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Explain how class has eased problems for both Frank and Rita

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Educating Rita Explain how class has eased problems for both Frank and Rita I think that class has caused all Rita's problems while Frank's class has eased his problems. I think Rita feels as though she's in the wrong class because of the way she is starting to feel about life. She wants more then is expected of her by everyone else in the same class as she is. She has been born into the working class, if there's something she's worried about, she's not meant to try and solve it she should just go out and buy herself a new dress or record. But Rita's had enough of doing that she wants to be able to stop ignoring the problem and start solving it instead. Rita uses a lot of slang words and phrases as she speaks. She also tends to swear in every other sentence. She says that the reason for doing this is to shock people. " I do it to shock them sometimes. Y' know when I'm in the hairdresser's- that's where I work- I'll say somethin' like, 'Oh, I'm really fucked', y' know, dead loud. ...read more.


When he finds out that she has been lying to him and hasn't come off the pill, he goes mad and throws all her books on the bonfire. This really upsets Rita and she begins to think that maybe she should give in and stop questioning her life. I think the reason she changed her name-temporarily, to a writer's name, is because she's trying to show that, that is the beginning of her changing herself. Maybe she feels that if she has a good writer's name instead of her own then people will look at her differently and take her more seriously. Or maybe she feels that Susan is a working class name and Rita is an upper-middle class name. So she wants to sound more educated then she really is. Frank however was born into the upper-middle class and I believe he is quite happy there. He has a drinking problem but because of his class it is quite acceptable to drink early in the morning and continue through out the day until he goes to bed. He used to smoke but has promised to give it up, that is until Rita insisted on him smoking with her. ...read more.


His live-in partner seems to be trying to get him to cut down on the drink and one of his employers wasn't very happy to hear that he was drunk at one of his lectures, but other then that no-one really cares. It's his problem so everyone stays out of it. When Rita offers to lend him a book he doesn't seem to be too interested but so he doesn't upset her he accepts. This shows that he isn't a total snob and that he's willing to take her favourite book into account. He hasn't actually read any of the books that Rita refers to, but she hasn't read any of the books that he refers to either. Frank has a drink cabinet but still resorts to hiding his whisky/scotch behind one of his books in the bookcase, even though he openly uses his cabinet when Rita is there. Maybe not all types of alcohol are acceptable to drink all day; there must be some sort of reason for him hiding it. And as the opening scene is Frank pulling a bottle out from behind a book, there must be some importance behind it. Maybe it's just to make the audience realise at once that he is an alcoholic. ...read more.

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