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Explain how important Juliet's isolation is in the development of the plot in Romeo and Juliet

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Explain how important Juliet's isolation is in the development of the plot in Romeo and Juliet I feel that Juliet's isolation in Romeo and Juliet is one of the most important things that leads the play to end in tragedy. Throughout Romeo and Juliet, Juliet always seems to be alone and in her own world, "she'll not come down tonight". Juliet is quite young, with no one of her own age around. We also find out she is an only child, "my child, my only life," hence she would not have any siblings to talk to. If Juliet had some friends then she would have been able to compare situations with them and share her feelings instead of keeping them cooped up inside of her. I f she was able to talk to someone about her feelings she may not have fallen in love with Romeo so easily as she would not have been alone, so the play may not have ended so disastrously and Juliet could have met another man while out with her friends and someone who is a Capulet and not the her family's greatest enemy! ...read more.


Lady Capulet also knows this as when the Nurse is telling her all about Juliet she says, "[e]nough of this, I prithee hold thy peace" and it makes me think that she regrets it and feels guilty about it. I also think that Juliet must be quite hurt by this, as she cannot really talk to her mother as a daughter. If Juliet talked to her parents more and was closer to them then they could have explained the idea of love and marriage, which would have prepared her for the man whom she would marry. However Lady Capulet does suggest a particular view of these two things. They would also be able to advise her and talked it over with her and giving her choices. When Tybalt is killed, Romeo is banished and Juliet becomes isolated again as even her Nurse turns against her whom Juliet normally turns to for guidance and advice. Juliet's Nurse starts saying that Romeo is no good as well, "[s]hame come to Romeo" and that Juliet might as well just marry the Count Paris as Romeo has been banished to Mantua. ...read more.


This shows the amount of hatred involved between the Capulets and the Montagues and Juliet cannot tell her parents at all. As a result of this, Romeo and Juliet cannot profess their love openly, fate intervenes and causes Romeo to kill himself, believing Juliet is dead. This makes Juliet feel alone again as she 'depended' on Romeo and when she discovers the death of her husband, she kills herself, wanting to be with her lover through eternity. In my opinion, after reading Romeo and Juliet I think that Juliet is one of the most important characters throughout the play, leading it to end in devastation and the reunion of two feuding families with a loss "of kinsmen." It also seems that Romeo's and Juliet's 'sacrifice' is what brings the feuding to a stop. It is possibly her isolation from everyone which drives her to Romeo and causes her to fall in love at first sight with him at the ball not knowing him as her family's greatest enemy. The plot seems to thicken as everyone leaves Juliet until she has no one but Romeo and so when he dies, leads her to take her own life, causing me to believe that she died as a result of her loneliness. Shran Kaur Plaha 11AK Ms. Varndell ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

A well explored theme with some detailed reference to the text. To improve, more quotes need to be placed in context and language looked at in more detail.

Marked by teacher Paul Dutton 20/03/2013

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