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Explain how Philip Ridley tries to make "Sparkleshark" appeal to a modern teenage audience.

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Explain how Philip Ridley tries to make "Sparkleshark" appeal to a modern teenage audience. Introduction Sparkleshark is a play about teenagers for teenagers. The play is based on nine characters, all around fourteen to sixteen years of age, who live in the East-End of London. They come together on a tower block roof and act out a story, which brings them together although they are very different characters. The play might appeal to teenagers because it is about them and their interests. Teenagers might not relate to the story that is acted out because it is about dragons and magical things, but the play could appeal because the characters become friends and seem to forget their differences. The Setting The play is set in the East-End of London on the roof of a tower block. This is an ideal place for teenagers because it is away from adults; it is not very accessible to older or younger people. The fact that the play is set in London may be why the teenagers meet on the roof, there probably aren't many other places to go such as playing fields or open spaces. There is rubbish on the roof, an old armchair, trolleys, boxes and other discarded furniture, this would appeal to teenagers, as somewhere they did not have to keep clean and tidy. ...read more.


Out of the way, losers-time to greet the fans." This could appeal to teenagers because it is language that they use from day to day and could relate to them. Jake is a polite speaker possibly because he is creative. He is a bit brighter (more intelligent) than the rest of the characters, which could be why he is bullied. "You see the tower blocks? Over there! I imagine they're mountains!" Polly also speaks politely and is not afraid to say what she means. "You should wear sensible shoes." Natasha isn't like Polly or Jake she is a more typical London girl and less likely to conform i.e. the adapted uniform. Carol copies Natasha, not just in her appearance but in her language as well. "You didn't bloody invent stilettos." When Russell speaks he speaks in the third person" He blows one a kiss! She faints-" this shows how he thinks he is important, like Royalty! With Buzz and Speed you do not really know what they are truly like because they are always trying to copy Russell. "Kick him Russ" "Punch him Russ" Shane only speaks a little, but what he does say implies he is a bit dim. Finn seems to have a very small vocabulary, Polly is the only character who is not afraid of him, and she explains everything to Finn and even speaks for him. ...read more.


The play shows the usual pecking order within groups of teenagers i.e. the oldest boy Shane is thought of as the leader and the good looking boy is looked up to by the two less attractive boys and the bright but geeky boy Jake is laughed at. The way the girls, Natasha and Carol try to show off to the boys in their appearance and the way they act is also typical of some teenage girls. Other ideas The title of this coursework "Explain how Philip Ridley tries to make "Sparkleshark" appeal to a modern teenage audience" is difficult to answer because although I can see that he has tried to relate to modern teenagers and their issues I feel he has not been very successful. I would have found it easier to say why his attempts are unsuccessful. The storyline is far too babyish; although Philip Ridley has made the characters in the story acted out similar to the teenagers acting out the roles I feel the bully's would not be so easily swayed and the girls would not so eagerly back up Jake. They would not so readily loose their street cred. It is a nice idea that teenagers with such obvious differences could all become friends through role-play, but I find it very unbelievable. I didn't think much of the play not long enough to get your teeth into and not very good storyline. ...read more.

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