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Explain how Shakespeare's Juliet changes over the course of the play from a submissive and obedient girl into a resolute woman

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Explain how Shakespeare's Juliet changes over the course of the play from a submissive and obedient girl into a resolute woman Life for women in Shakespeare's day was not the easiest, they were second to men and had limited roles due to lack of contraception. Women had few rights, and were not aloud to vote. However if you were wealthy and you were a high class woman you could be lucky enough to get an education. If you were a girl growing up in Elizabethan times your parents would control you, and your father would have power over you, this occurs in the play Romeo and Juliet. In the wealthy Capulet household Juliet is overpowered by her father, lord Capulet. "My child is yet a stranger in the world; She hath not seen the change of fourteen years" Paris asked if he could marry Juliet, this quotation is lord Capulet responding to him by saying that Juliet is only fourteen and wont get married yet. This tells us that he has power over his daughter. He also decides who she marries. In our society today, fathers don't have much say in who there daughters marry, however in some father daughter relationships fathers do have power over their daughters. This could be due to religion or being over protective. This is different to Shakespeare's day as every father had a say in what their daughter did and who they married. If a man was to abuse a woman today it would be seen as an illegal offence. However it was seen normal for a husband to hit their wife in Shakespeare's day. Also every girl is entitled to an education today, but in Elizabethan times it was very rare for a girl to have an education. Shakespeare wrote various plays one of them being 'A mid-summers nights dream'. This play links to Romeo and Juliet as it always contains context of fathers overpowering there daughters. ...read more.


Changing the storey to make it reflect the modern day allows the society understand the play in a higher level but it also allows people of today relate to the storey. When Juliet finds out that Romeo is a Montague he is very worried. "Prodigious birth of love it is to me" Prodigious meaning worried, Juliet is worried because she knows that loving the family's emeny is wrong. "My only love sprung from my child's hate". Juliet knows what she is doing is wrong and will displease her parents, however she carries on loving Romeo. This is a strong sign of Juliet and becoming disobedient towards her parents. In act one scene five Romeo and Juliet first set eyes on each other. If I were to direct this scene at the Shakespearian globe theatre, I would do it as follows. The scene would start at the Capulet household party. Romeo and Julie would be dancing on the main stage when they first spot each other. Juliet would then go through the main door to the back stairs up to the upper stage. Romeo would the follow her to the upper stage, they would the say lines 92-110. the nurse would then call Juliet from the main stage. From this point Juliet recognises the strong obligation to why she shouldn't love Romeo, she knows that if people were to find out about her ironic love towards Romeo that they would look down on her and her position in society would go down, however the fact that she carries on loving Romeo implies that she no longer cares about how about what others will think of her. This is clear sign that she is deeply in love with Romeo. When Juliet talks to her mother about Tybalts death in act 3 scene 5, Juliet uses double meanings. "Yet let me weep for such a feeling loss" Juliet's mother thinks that Juliet is sad because Tybalt is dead. ...read more.


The soliloquy in Macbeth is in act 1 scene seven, when Macbeth is thinking about killing the king. "If I were done when tis done, then twere well it were done quickly". However in the end Macbeth decides not to kill the king. From Macbeth expressing his feelings in the soliloquy, the audience discover a lot about Macbeth's character. They learn that Macbeth is indecisive, therefore he is unsure of him self and lacks confidence. The soliloquy allows the audience to discover several characteristics about Macbeth, that may give the audience hints about forthcoming events in the play. In conclusion I believe that Shakespeare wrote this play because he disagreed with the way in which Victorian women were treated. I also believe that Shakespeare disagreed with traditional notions of family duty. I think Shakespeare wanted to share his feelings with the Victorian society. He believed women were treated wrongly and unfairly, so he chose the character of Juliet to be the opposite of how Victorian women were expected to behave. He also disagreed with large family feuds. So he wrote this play to show that if families had so much hatred towards each other then it can result in very bad situations. However some people may believe that Shakespeare thought that women should be less opinionated and should have little to say what happens in there own lives. So they think he wrote the play to make people aware that if women do not live second to men then it could lead to bad happenings. Overall Romeo and Juliet is a dramatic love storey that had effected millions over the years. It contains themes such as hatred, death, suicide, betrayal and rebellion. At the time it was written many people would have been very shocked at the content, however it is now seen as normal for Juliet to act as she does. Throughout the play you see Juliet transform from a polite stereotypical young girl, into a deceitful, sarcastic, rude young girl. The supposed cause for these ironic changes...Love. Sasha Halewood-Dodd English Coursework ...read more.

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