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Explain how the First Act of 'Macbeth' by William Shakespeare forms an effective opening to the play

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Coursework Poonam Paw-10E Explain how the First Act of 'Macbeth' by William Shakespeare forms an effective opening to the play Macbeth is based on a real-life person. It is a very inspirational play, which contains many morals and involves many themes. The play consists of tragedy, blood and murder. It demonstrates, the extent to which people go to, to achieve their 'goal'. Therefore it makes you realise how selfish people can be, and how greed, power, ambition and money can mean more to people then anything else. The play contains a range of evil and supernatural occurrences, which can take over a persons mind, and turn them into a deceitful person. Shakespeare got his inspiration for 'Macbeth' from the historian Holinshed, and his script on the 'History of Scotland'. Shakespeare was intrigued by him and developed his ideas to create a more gruesome, bloodthirsty play. 'Macbeth' was first performed in 1606 for King James 1st. Also during the 17th century. This was the Elizabethan period. During this time, there was a huge up evil in religion. Witchcraft was immensely popular, and therefore had a huge impact on everyday life, as well as the play. The play is not only effective because it elaborates on these issues, but is effective because it creates a lot of suspense. Shakespeare constantly creates tense, mysterious images by reinforcing supernatural occurrences, persuading you to continue watching. ...read more.


Thane of Glamis...... Thane of Cawdor..... King.... This creates suspense, and we begin to believe that the witches have power. For Macbeth is 'Thane of Glamis', and he is about to be made the 'Thane of Cawdor'. After hearing these mysterious predictions, Macbeth becomes very confused and thoughts are running through his head. He knows that it is possible for him to become King, for at the time there was a monarchy. Ross then arrives and rewards Macbeth with his title. Macbeth is startled, and begins to believe in the witch's predictions. The greatest is behind However we soon have a change of opinion about Macbeth, and we begin to wonder whether or not he really is as innocent, as people make him out to be. For at this point a soliloquy is used to tell us Macbeth's inner thoughts Murder yet is but fantastical..... At this point the audience would be astounded, for the King was known to be divine, and murdering him would be a horrendous crime. Although murder crosses Macbeth's mind, he does not feel he can act upon it. The play becomes extremely interesting for the plot begins to unravel. In scene 4 we are constantly reminded about power and authority, for sovereign is symbolised to represent power. Is execution done on Cawdor? Macbeth is disappointed, when it is revealed that Malcolm is next in line to inherit the throne. ...read more.


Conduct me to mine host: we love him highly In scene 7, Lady Macbeth persuades Macbeth, to carry out the assassination. Once again another very clever technique is used to persuade Macbeth. For Lady Macbeth mocks him and teases him until he agrees to proceed. Art thou afeared..... You would be so much more the man. Macbeth feels that he cannot go through with the murder, for people have 'golden opinions' of him, also because he is scared that their plan will fail. He is torn between his strong ambition, and the enormity of killing the king. Lady Macbeth is very determined, and has a very positive attitude And we'll not fail By using these tactics, she eventually persuades Macbeth to carry out the assassination. False face must hide what the false heart doth know. I think the very first act of 'Macbeth', is extremely effective. It is very creative and imaginative. Shakespeare adapts many clever techniques to create mixed emotions. Irony is used, riddles are used, every scene is approached in a different manner. The major themes of the play, 'ambition, evil and witchcraft', prepare the audience for the play's moral. For it expresses how greed, power, and determination, can change a person for the worst. Also that ambition and success can mean more to people than anything else. The play demonstrates, that people will fight, torture and murder to defeat their obstacles. The finest thing about this act is that it brings fear, hatred, love, suspense, and shock, in very intriguing way. ...read more.

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