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Explain how you would direct Act 1, Scene 8 of Willy Russell's Educating Rita.

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Name: Rochelle Jones School: Clapton Girls' Technology College Centre no: 10406 Candidate no: Date: Wednesday 25th June 2003 Topic: 20th Century Drama Explain how you would direct Act 1, Scene 8 of Willy Russell's Educating Rita " Hard work spotlights the character of people: some people turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, an some don't turn up at all" Sam Ewing (American author) In this essay I would describe how I would direct Act 1,scene 8 of Educating Rita by Willy Russell. The play illustrates the different levels of education and how the different social classes in our society perceive it. For example Rita wants to be like the upper class in society -"Talking seriously, confidently, with knowledge, livin' a civilized life." These different aspects of education can change people's social standing in society. Therefore this means if you are knowledgeable and educated you feel superior and can exert power. The social problems were shaped by the 'Thatcherite' era when greed and egoism contributed to the erosion of the social fabric in Britain. Margaret Thatcher then prime minister said- "There is no such thing as society, just the family and the individual" In creating 'Educating Rita' Willy Russell clearly portrays the social problems in society of that at the time. ...read more.


When Rita presses him for feedback on her essay he replies: "Oh sod Macbeth" Frank thinks that he is helping Rita by saying there are more important things than the essay, Like her husband throwing her out. If I were to direct Act 1 Scene 8, I would place Frank staring out of his window not interested in teaching Rita about Macbeth but more on her well being, at this point Rita's eyes are steadily are on Frank. The way the camera is positioned I would have a Point of View shot from Rita. I chose this camera shot because it shows the intensity of the situation; also I wanted the audience to know 'The eyes are the window to your soul' and to see that Rita has courage and strength through her time of difficulty- however she is still fighting. When directing a scene for a play, it is very important that the audience feel the characters emotions, and I have felt I have done this, I showed the importance of character. "I want y' to tell me what you think about it?" Rita insists that Frank gives her an opinion about her work. She has gone to see him as her tutor not just as a friend. ...read more.


"But if you're going to write this sort of stiff you're going to have to change" Frank thinks that this will discourage her and he wants her to stay and improve. He also wants her to stay and once she passed her exams she would no longer need him. I now think that Frank's gestures would be very important in this part of the play. His gestures are exaggerated to cover up his feelings, like pulling his beard and his fingers getting entangled in it. At the end of the scene I would have a point of view from Rita, looking into Frank's eyes and with all her energy and determination throws her work in the bin. This is a very important scene in the play because the relationship has now changed. It is now Rita who is independent and strong and Frank who is weak and dependent on her. I would like to conclude that both the book and the film are exceptional work and the author does great justice. After analyzing the characters and the play. I've now realized that everyone possesses the potential to become achievers and winners. The world has so many social contrasts that we fail to appreciate. Furthermore it has now encouraged and enlightened me to find within the potential to learn and achieve. ...read more.

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