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Explain the important of Magwitch in Great Expectation.

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Explain the important of Magwitch in Great Expectation We first see Magwitch as a "fearful man" which gives us the impression that he is an unpleasant character. Magwitch is an escaped convict he is often judge on his appearance, up bringing and lack of education, which is important. Pip who lives with his sister- Mrs Joe- and her husband Joe Gargery, Pip was in a graveyard when he first comes across this fearful man. Magwitch was in grey rags, very hungry and cold he was covered in cuts, smothered in mud and stung by nettles. The convict asks Pip to bring him "wittles" and a file, its ironic how a simple task will change Pips life forever. The convict threatened to Pip's "fat cheeks" and turned upside, which is also ironic as to what will happen to Pip in the future. Pip obeyed the stranger. Fearing for his life he steals porkpie, mincemeat and brandy for the convict from his home. He also got the convict a file. Pip returns the next morning on the marches. Emptied his pockets, gave Magwitch the wittles and Magwitch gobbles them down like a "dog". ...read more.


Who seek revenge on men all together. She adopted Estella and raised her in her own way. She taught Estella to be cruel to men and break their hearts. Make them feel pain like she once felt. She used Estella to block her anger, frustration and pain. Estella became Miss Havisham 's weapon of revenge against men. Pip is dazzled by Estella beauty, but is looked down on by her. Pip tries to change himself to fit a sort of mould like a gentleman that he thought Estella desired so she would notice him. Pip is confused with Estella actions on page 104 she said to him " Come here! You may kiss me if you like." Miss Havisham adopted Estella. Estella's original mother and father were Magwitch and Molly. Molly was Mr Jagger's head housekeeper. Magwitch was fond of the child and was one the proudest moments of his life. A while later when Pip is in his teens about 16 he hears good news from this gentleman Mr. Jaggers. Pip comes into a large amount of money from a benefactor. The benefactor being Magwitch but Pip is unaware of this. ...read more.


He uses pip like a doll and moulded it into a gentleman. Compeyson got a lighter sentence because of his status he wanted pip to have the same advantage. Dickens tries to tell us something about the legal system at the time in the twentieth century. However Magwitch 's motives were not only revenge but also gratitude for the food Pip gave him. Pip could have turned a blind eye to Magwitch when he was in his hour of need. Magwitch develops a fatherly affection towards Pip. Magwitch relates pip to his daughter who he lost. Magwitch though that his little girl had been killed but pip told him that she was well and he was in love with her. Magwitch teaches pip that there are two meanings behind the term "Gentleman" 1. Is the status and class. 2. Is virtue and honesty. Pip realises that Joe has always been a gentleman all along without pip knowing. Joe is a typically gentle giant. Joe helps pip get out of prison and helps pip get out of debt with his honest earned money. He handed over the money without a second thought. The honest, simple and humble blacksmith is the true gentleman. Magwitch helps pip to see this. ...read more.

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