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Explain the principles that Christians believe should guide their personal relationships.

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Marriage Coursework Question 1 Explain the principles that Christians believe should guide their personal relationships. Love: Luke 10:27 God commands us to love our neighbours as ourselves. Primarily our relationships with people must be used and followed through the word of God. Every other commandment is founded on the love of God and the love for our neighbours. In the New Testament the word agape describes God's sacrificial love for us and Christian love for each other. Love is perhaps the most important aspect of God's character as highlighted in the following passages of the bible. Matthew 3:17, John 3:16 and John 13:35. Love is important in relationships because it is needed for making major life decisions, such as marriage or having a child. People today throw the word love around without understanding what it means and that is that love is a genuine caring commitment for one another. Love has no hidden meaning. This means that people who have that genuine caring attitude are those have experienced love from God. Without love in a relationship, people will not obey God's commandments and they will break many other important principles, such as honesty and faithfulness. ...read more.


In a situation where two Christian people are married many of the principles I have mentioned in above are considered important. In a situation where a married couple wish to engage in sexual intercourse without the use of artificial family planning methods such as contraception etc. The principles trust and honesty will come into play as one of the partners will have complete trust in the other that they are being honest about their fertility cycle or any sexually transmitted diseases etc. There are other situations such as adultery where one partner may have to be honest and forgiving. If one partner is having an affair they may need to be honest to their partner about it. This means that partner will have to show forgiveness. Even though people sinned Jesus still forgave them by sacrificing his own life. In spite of this there are many different opinions. In the Catholic Church, divorce cannot be granted unless one of the partners had been forced in to the marriage against their will in which case an annulment can be given. This is not a divorce, but a voiding of the marriage. It suggests the marriage cannot have been a marriage in the first place. ...read more.


Another reason is that one partner may commit adultery and therefore become sinful and untrustworthy. On the other hand everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect. The trustworthy partner should try to forgive their spouse and bring about reconciliation. I believe married couples should be granted a divorce under the above circumstances. The Catholic Church should think about accepting people for divorce under those states of affairs. If there are children involved in a relationship where the parents are abusive to one another and violent then the Catholic Church should think about granting divorce. If a one of the partners seek reconciliation then there is a possibility that they may change their sinful ways and their spouse will show forgiveness then love for their partner. I personally feel that lifelong marriage is a vow that some couples find almost impossible. I t should not be a vow in my opinion. It will give people the opportunity to reform their life if things go wrong. On the contrary some disciples changed their lifestyles when they followed Jesus, although they were still married they didn't act as married men. Yet there is a reply to that statement and that is because marriage is a sacrament (the couple are joined with God) it cannot be stopped/broken. ...read more.

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