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Explain the Roman Catholic view of marriage showing how the various symbols and words of the sacrament of marriage support these views.

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Lots of people, male and female, spend there childhoods dreaming about the big day. White dresses, fresh flowers, big church and of course the rings, just to name a few of the important things needing to be arranged. People spend months preparing the big day. The list of things to do never ends food, clothes, guest list and reception. But how often do we stop and think about the Christian beliefs on marriage. When did we last ask what do the rings mean? Dress mean? Vows mean? These are just a few of the questions I will try to answer in the following: Catholics only have one major rule about marriage. ...read more.


This is like the story in the bible of the man who asked god why through the hard the bad times of his life were why there only one set of foot prints, this is like us we need to carry our partners in hard times. Christians believed that Jesus believed that separation is wrong and people should not separate because to separate is to go against the god giving life to the family. And people who do not want to receive the gift of life have not had a proper marriage; "man shall leave his mother and father and will be united with his wife and the shall be one flesh.. ...read more.


This show that everybody tries to accept the gift of life after marriage. This is why when we get married it is common to have intercourse on the wedding night. The main symbol of marriage is the RINGS. These are round, a circle never ends like love this should also never end. The rings also symbolize faithfulness I say this because Jesus had the ring thorns on his head but he did not want to be unfaithful to humans or to god and he took the pain, this means that we know we must be faithful to our lover through thick and the thinnest of thins. Marriage is a life long commitment between two human-beings. It can be divorced legally. Although Catholics believe that marriage counseling is much better than a legal divorce. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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