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Explain the way Rita and Franks relationship changes throughout the play.

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Matthew Bunce 25/8/04 Educating Rita Explain the way Rita and Franks relationship changes throughout the play. At the start of the play, Rita and Frank's personalities clash because Rita is an uneducated girl who has the attitude of the working class. Rita wants to improve herself and her life style. She wants to be in a position where she has choices, the choice to change her life or to stay the way she is, Rita calls it "finding herself." However, Frank on the other hand is a man who has found teaching boring and uninspiring, he has become disillusioned with his life, Rita is like a breath of fresh air thrown into his drab, dreary and very bland life. Rita and Frank have completely different views on life and the ways of speaking about things. Even their accents are different. They each use language in a completely different way, Frank will decorate his sentences with long words, which Rita finds hard to understand, but is fascinated by it. Frank seems to find life boring and treats it as if he has done it all before. Frank has a serious drink problem he uses this to drown out his mundane life. ...read more.


Rita does not quite grasp the joke so Frank says "a joke" then Rita explains how she is against drugs because they hide all of your natural emotions. This shows that Rita believes that your true feelings and actions are very important. Rita asks what assonance means and Frank laughs at her. Rita is very hurt by this and tells Frank not to laugh at her. Frank immediately back tracks and explains what assonance means. Then Rita simplifies the definition into what she understands. This shows that the genuinely wants to learn but she has to change it into a way that she will under stand it. When Rita says "wink/ wank" as an example of assonance Frank is not bothered about what she said he is just happy that Rita understands assonance. When Frank laughs at Rita, she is hurt this shows that she is sensitive and that she does not like to be laughed at if she asks a question. When Frank laughs, at her it is through amazement at the question but as soon as he sees that he has touched a nerve he takes the question seriously, this shows that Frank did not mean for his reaction to be offending and he is ashamed that he has hurt Rita. ...read more.


All this is Rita having realised herself and trying to decide what to do with the rest of her life. Rita suggests that she might have a baby: this is very important because this shows that Rita has discovered herself, also it shows that Rita and Frank's relationship has become very intimate because you do not talk to many people about having a baby. Throughout the scene Rita is being completely serious. She only cracked one joke this is her having changed because earlier on in the play Rita would constantly be cracking jokes and not talking seriously. This shows Rita has grown in confidence and no longer needs humour to cover her inhibitions. She has become a self-assured and confident person Frank is now relaxed and can talk to Rita comfortably. Frank seems changed in the way he talks. In asking Rita to come with him to Australia he is showing that after all of the rows he still likes Rita's company and he doesn't want to lose that company. It also shows he has lost some of his inhibitions. This play is all about two different people who start off with a teacher student relationship, and don't get on much, then their relationship evolves, and they start to complement each other and become the best of friends and then go their separate ways: each a different but better, more complete person, for meeting each other. ...read more.

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