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Explaining - Exam Question Practice

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Exam Question Practice Explaining It has been almost three years now since it happened. It's not that long until we face the 3rd anniversary. I can only remember the number of years that has past because my sister got married. Just five days after it we thought it all had finished, but really the hurt had only just begun. And now almost three years later I still hurt inside, wishing that it didn't happen in the first place or that I could turn back the clock to make things right again. Nobody in my family has really been the same since it all. I suppose I better explain myself because you probably don't have a clue who or what I'm talking about. It all started around April/May in 1999. It was my Nanna, she became very ill and I was really worried about her because she looked pale and had hardly any energy in her, this was not like the Nanna I knew. So my Grandad, her husband for almost 50 years took her to the Doctors. ...read more.


As soon as I found that out thoughts started running through my head like, is my Nanna going to die? Can it be cured? Why her? She's never done a bad thing to anyone in her life so why does she have to suffer? I started praying that God would save her and that things would be alright again. I prayed that my Nanna, the closest person to me besides my Mum, wouldn't be taken away from me. I wanted to believe that she would make it, pull through, I really tried to believed that my Nanna was strong enough or that God would help her get stronger but if I'm honest with myself I knew almost from the beginning that she wouldn't live through it. I just didn't want to believe it. The night my Nanna died was one of the worst nights that I've had. It was 1st June and our family was called to go and see her quickly because the doctors sensed she was getting near the end. I wanted to go to say goodbye to my Nanna, there were things I still needed to tell her. ...read more.


It just didn't seem fair. My Nanna helped everyone in whatever way that she could or knew how to. My Nanna taught me that I should try to be friends with everybody even if they are different to you. She taught me that I should care for others and try to help them in times of need. She helped to have faith in God and always do my best in whatever I do. My Nanna was there to help my Mum and me when I didn't have a father. She taught me many valuable things during her life and influenced me in many aspects of mine. It is for this that I wish to thank her for everything that she has done for me. Without her I don't know where I would be. Her death made me appreciate the things I have now and not take them for granted. I also realise that life is too short, I must live each day as if it is my last and do all the things I wish to do before I die. My Nanna played a big part in my life before she died and it was a great loss when she lost her battle with cancer. ...read more.

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