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Explorative Strategies essay

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Explorative Strategies essay (Response Phase) As part of our Drama GCSE unit on Blood |Brothers we were requires to use a vast amount of sills and drama techniques in order to improve our understanding of Blood Brothers; in order to do this we completed various exercises to develop our explorative skills. One of the improvisations we had to partake in was the re-enactment of the finale scene in Blood Brothers. As we had already seen the Blood Brothers production, this acted as both an advantage and a hindrance. This acted as an advantage as we had an idea of both characters and therefore an insight into how we could perform this re-enactment, however the disadvantage was that this may prevent us from having our control over the character, this may also prevent us from using our own imagination to interpret the character and their actions as we would have been heavily influenced to mimic what we had already seen. However though we already had familiarity with the production, as it had been a considerable amount of time from when we had seen the production, our drama teachers refreshed our memories by establishing a class discussion on the subject, and the main themes of Blood Brothers. As a group discussed the main themes, scenes and then discussed the finale scene into depth; while doing this we discussed what body language and facial expressions were used and what we all found particularly effective in the scene. Once we had completed our discussion, we were then given a time frame to work towards. ...read more.


We were then told that after our warm up exercise we were to do a spontaneous improvisation of the 'kids play' scene. Before we progressed with our warm up we had another class discussion about children and what makes them different form everyone else i.e. their innocence, their vivid imagination, their ability to believe, their truthfulness, their frankness and the fact that children see each other as equals. Once we were told what we would be doing, we were then told to find a space on the floor and lie down with our eyes closed. Our drama teacher then talked to the class, firstly instructing us to clear our minds from anything, we ten followed some breathing and bodily exercises/movements to relax us. After this our teacher then told us to flash back to our childhood at around the ages of 5-8 years of age and remember a particular prominent childhood memory, we then had to picture ourselves back there, as our teacher continued to guide us, she then explained to us that we are now back at that age, and within the click of her finger we will instantly be a child again. Once our teacher clicked her fingers we then ran off into our groups and started playing. After a while the teachers stopped us and gathered us together as a group once again. We then discussed how we felt during the spontaneous improvisation and how we felt afterwards the general reaction was that we were all full of energy (to the disadvantage of my teacher in the following lesson and my friends! ...read more.


After we had all shown our three tableaux to the class, we sat as a group and discussed each groups tableaux's and what we all found effective. Once we had shared our opinions on each group's tableaux, we then had to extend from our tableaux and complete our improvisation. This improvisation had to be based on similar themes prominent n Blood Brothers (as mentioned above). The themes my group chose to focus on were superstition, guilt, changing friendships and to some extent a tragic love story; other more peripheral themes that were in our play were, drugs and deceit. I felt that our improvisation was extremely original as we focused particularly on superstition with constant links and comparisons present, for example we had a mirror smashing, this could be compared to the shoes on the table scene between Mrs Johnston and Mrs Lyons. To conclude I feel that each one of these tasks has helped me gain a higher attainment of understanding of the Blood Brothers production and the characters within it. This is because I have gained a better understanding of each character and why they chose to d certain things i.e. fro when I took on the role of Mickey in the finale scene. I also gained a greater knowledge and insight into Mickey and eddies childhood through our 'kids play' improvisation. Finally through these tasks I have gained a further understanding and empathy of Blood Brothers and how the British class system, society and other roles of socialisation can become major effectors of the life chances, achievements of characters and the future characters of people. ...read more.

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