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Explore chapter 1 of Enduring Love and consider what it reveals about Joe as a character and a narrator

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Explore chapter 1 of Enduring Love and consider what it reveals about Joe as a character and a narrator From the very beginning of the novel of Enduring Love, the readers are guided by Joe, the narrator who is also the main character in the book. His character is revealed by the reader through the way he acts and speaks. Now we are going to explore chapter one in detail to see what features there are in Joe's character. Joe is a scientist who lives in London with his fianc�e Clarissa. As they were having a picnic in Oxford, a cry came to their ears and there was a Hydrogen balloon going up and down the ground, a child was inside the balloon basket, Joe and other four men were trying to rescue this child but as the wind got stronger, it blew the balloon higher and further, suddenly one man amongst them gave the rope away, the balloon rose higher and John Logan, another man amongst them was still clinging to the rope. John Logan flew with the balloon and all the other men were shocked by this terrible sight. ...read more.


Jed Perry was on a rope seconds after me, two farm workers, caught hold just after him. The pilot was shouting instructions to us, and no one was listening." Although the situation was nerve racking but he can still remember what everyone's action was. In another paragraph he says, "Those one or two ungrounded seconds occupy as much space in memory as might a long journey up an uncharted river." All these examples do not only show his logical side but also show how deep the accident has become in his memory. From the first chapter of the book, we also see that Joe is not a simultaneously emotional man which is totally opposite to Clarissa's personality. He is a scientist, who is used to approach life in a scientific way. Sometimes he even analyses his own feelings in the way like solving his scientific equations. His emotions are not sincere when he tells us that he had to act "like the rest of the people" when he saw Clarissa at the airport. He is almost standing out of his body and looking from another person's view as he analyses his actions at the airport. ...read more.


Although he has never admitted that it was him who let the rope go first, but he was never sure that it was not him. He says, "I didn't know who let it go first." He defended himself by saying "We were never a team." He thinks that he was not responsible for John Logan's death and the reason they did not hold on to the rope was because they were not co-operating. Joe was involved in the drama incident. However, he is not an active role in life, therefore it reinforces the reader that he was acting out of his character and playing the role that he doesn't usually play. He was obviously shocked by the balloon accident, and so were other people, as he says, "I caught the smell of urine" this shows that people were very nervous and someone had even lost their physical control because of the shocking and terrifying sight they saw. To summarise, the readers reveals about Joe's character from the way he tells the story. He is very scientific and analytical, but not very comfortable with his feelings and expressions. We learn that not everything he says is necessarily true and we can never fully trust in what he says. ...read more.

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