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Explore how dickens builds atmosphere and reveals aspects of Pips changing character in three scenes of your choice.

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GCSE ENGLISH COURSEWORK Explore how dickens builds atmosphere and reveals aspects of Pips changing character in three scenes of your choice. A Great Expectation is considered by many to be Charles Dickens greatest novel. Dickens wrote the book from the first person perspective so when reading the book Pip is telling the story after it actually happened. The story is about the life of Phillip Pirrip (Pip). We follow the growth of Pip. The story follows Pips formation from childhood to adulthood. The story shows us how events in his life change his attitudes. Unfortunately instead of growing up to be a gentleman he turns out a snob. The story is based on how the older generation uses the younger generation to get back at society. We see this when Miss havisham says to Estella 'Well, you can break his heart'. She said this when Estella was complaining about having to play cards with Pip. Miss Havisham wants Estella to break Pips heart because once she had her heart broken .Pip was also being used by Magwitch. Magwitch uses Pip by bringing him to London and bringing him up to be a gentleman. ...read more.


This is patheticfallacy on Pips life as everything in his way has gone so now he can go forward and see what is out there for himself. Once Pip arrives in London he is not that impressed with it and Mr Jaggers. Before he'd even been into Mr Jagger's office there are negative things about Jaggers. The coachman say's to pip 'then it must be a shilling'. 'I don't want to get into trouble know him'. After this Dickens wrote 'When he had got his shilling and had course of time completed the ascent to his box and had got away (which appeared to relive his mind)'. This shows that people are scared of Jaggers and people aren't scared of good people so this is a clue to what Pip is about to discover. Once Pip enters Mr Jagger's office Mike is sent out. This shows me that Pip is treated as upper class and with respect whereas before he wasn't. He is also now addressed Mr Pip when before he was addressed 'boy'. Mr Jagger's room was described 'by a skylight only, and was a most dismal place, the skylight, eccentrically pitched like a broken head and the distorted adjoining houses looking as if they had twisted themselves to peep down at me through it'. ...read more.


When Pip is introduced to his new home he is not impressed. It is described as melancholy, disgorged, dismal and dilapidated. Not exactly his great expectation. Dickens used personification to enhance how run down the place was, he wrote ' crippled flower-pot' and 'miserable makeshift'. There are dark images and images of death when pip said ' A frowzy morning of soot and smoke attired this forlorn creation of Barnard and it had strewn ashes on its head', Mourning is an image of funerals and death while soot ash and smoke are images of darkness. Earlier in the story pip is told that ' you may get cheated, robbed and murdered in London'. He now feels this is true because his expectations aren't what London is really like. Dickens wrote 'He led me into a corner and conducted me up a flight of stairs-which appeared to me to be slowly collapsing into sawdust'. This represents Pip climbing the social ladder but the steps are beginning to crumble below him. Mr Pocket Junior treats Pip in a way in which he is not used to. Mr pockets is attempting to do everything for Pip but pip is willing to help so this far into the story Pip had yet to turn into a complete snob. ...read more.

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