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Explore how Dickens makes his readers aware of the important role of children and family life in A Christmas Carol.

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Explore how Dickens makes his readers aware of the important role of children and family life in A Christmas Carol. Dickens reveals his feelings about the importance of children and family in many ways. He vividly describes to us in several scenes, children and family enjoying themselves on Christmas despite their poverty, for example the Cratchit family scenes. However in contrast to this he also shows children hopelessly suffering on the streets, for instance the ignorance and want scene and the surplus population scene. Dickens writes in a personal, conversational and emotional way. He has the imagination and the creativity of a child. His style of writing challenged the views of Victorians, who disapproved of the importance of children and family. In Victorian times the society was declining so much that they had built workhouses and prisons for poor families and the surplus population to live in. Dickens style of writing is very unique and inventive. It is unlike any other Victorian authors who wrote in a manlier like attitude. They weren't as emotional or sensitive as Dickens was. Unlike Victorians Dickens writes with the imagination and creativity of a child, whilst still writing the novel in a professional and successful manner. He uses effective similes and metaphors to create almost ridiculous imagery, for example when Dickens describes a house in a neighbourhood, he describes it as, 'playing at hide and seek with other houses'. ...read more.


Slowly the spirit is opening gateways into Scrooge's mind making Scrooge more emotional and less ignorant. Fred and his uncle Scrooge have a very mixed relationship. It is obvious that Fred likes his uncle because he talks proudly of him, he also defends his uncle's name when other people are mocking Scrooge. In one of the scenes Fred says to a crowd of people, 'A merry Christmas and a happy new year to the old man, whatever he is!' It is clear that Fred isn't bothered if people do not like his uncle, he is a very proud and sincere man. Scrooge is less loving towards his nephew, he doesn't accept Fred's Merry Christmas and nor does he listen to his advice. Scrooge is known to forget that Fred is his nephew several times in the novel, 'Sometimes I forget that he is my sister's son', Scrooge says to the spirit. Scrooge was very close to his sister, she was one of the few friends Scrooge had but unfortunately died. Scrooge is described as a solitary child neglected by his friends. The ghost also shows that after Scrooge leaves school he is very mean and because he is very lonely his only 'friend' is his money. We can see this in a scene with his girlfriend as he has to decide love of money, he chooses money and once again he is alone. When Scrooge sees himself neglecting his girlfriend for money he gets very angry and depressed, 'no more, no more!' ...read more.


Bob becomes very afraid and pleads for apology but Scrooge continues to be sarcastic, finally Scrooge tells Bob Crachit that he would raise his salary. However, Bob Crachit thinks that Scrooge is obviously gone mad and picks up a ruler to defend himself. 'A Merry Christmas Bob!', said Scrooge, with an earnestness that could not be mistaken'. Bob Crachit soon realised that Scrooge was being serious of his word and was speechless. In the end of the novel Scrooge turned out to become a very helpful, cheerful and grateful man. He became aware of the importance of his family. Most importantly he helped out all the poor families who needed his assistants especially the closely-knitted Crachit family. He helped poor children such as Tiny Tim, to such an accent that Dickens described Scrooge as Tiny Tim's 'second farther'. Dickens uses the word 'good' seven times in one sentence to round up a description about Scrooge, this is a highly contrasting description to the previous ones about him. It shows that Scrooge has totally changed his personality and attitude. Dickens makes his readers aware of the important role of children and family in A Christmas Carol in many ways. He writes in an emotional child like way, whilst still writing in a professional successful manner. Dickens uses many different types of techniques to describe the different situations in the novel. His writings challenged the views of the Victorian society and for that reason Dickens emphasised his writings on the importance of the role of children and family. ?? ?? ?? ?? Prose Coursework ...read more.

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