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Explore how Porter comments on life in A Consumers Report. Use examples from the poem to support your answer.

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Explore how Porter comments on life in ?A Consumer?s Report?. Use examples from the poem to support your answer. Peter Porter opens his poem ?A Consumer?s Report? with the statement that ?the name of the product I tested is Life?, implying that the ?product? which his poem describes is life in itself. The poem opens in the form of a product review, hinting that Porter believes life to be considered a product by many, and that the poem mimics a report in which people ?review? life as a product. The title ?A Consumer?s Report? suggests that the poet believes that many people detach themselves from the value of life, hence the bland description of their review, which is simply labelled a ?report?. Porter maintains the sustained metaphor of life being a product throughout the whole poem in order to comment on people?s perception of life as a whole. ...read more.


This may hint at the vastly different beliefs, traditions and customs of different people that are all living, making it hard for him to live out his life properly. Another comment given on life is that ?It?s difficult to think of a purpose for it?, hinting that the poet himself struggles to think of reason that the product of life is necessary, and carries on to suggest that ?it?s just to keep its maker in the job?. Porter describes the product having ?things?piling up so fast?, indication that life is full of events that we may find hard to handle, and the purpose of the product is once again questioned when he states ?After all, the world got by?without us, do we need it now??. There is also a side comment at the end of the stanza, enclosed in brackets to demonstrate how many people do not value other people?s opinions, and this is further evidenced by the fact that the poet is described as ?the respondent?, and that he is just another person who is using ?life?. ...read more.


Porter also comments on the fact how life can be misused, suggesting that people who are using the product of life ?are ready to behave badly about?. He also cites many people whose occupations are to investigate people?s opinions of life, such as ?philosophers or market researchers or historians?, and explains how ?we shouldn?t care?, and instead should form our own opinion on life as ?we are the consumers? of life and therefore ultimately our opinions are for ourselves to form, rather than for other people to dictate, and he gives evidence for this by suggesting ?Finally, I?d buy it?, demonstrating how the poet believes that in life everyone should be entitled to their own opinions. However, Porter still indicates that there is some negativity in life as he suggests ?The question of a ?best buy? I?d like to leave until I get the competitive product you said you?d send?. ...read more.

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