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Explore how the language used in this passage describes Gatsby's defeat and its symbolic significance.

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The Great Gatsby Sarah Khalil Word Count: 1003 Chapter 7: " I glanced at Daisy, who was staring...So we drove to the death through the cooling twilight" Explore how the language used in this passage describes Gatsby's defeat and its symbolic significance. Chapter seven brings the conflict between Tom and Gatsby into the open, and their conflict over Daisy brings to the surface troubling aspects of both characters. It opens as the group is gathered in Tom and Daisy's house. It becomes a vital moment as the group finally meets Daisy and Tom's baby. It brings out an interesting consequence to the relationship of Gatsby and Daisy. When Gatsby first sees the baby Nick says: "I don't think he had ever really believed in its existence before" Gatsby and Daisy have been so wrapped up in their own relationship and their own contentment that they have never taken the child into consideration before. We see Daisy being so possessive of her daughter. ...read more.


Equally to the relationship that was between Gatsby and Daisy, which made Daisy, a possible belonging of Gatsby but now she is taken by Tom. The car, which is equivalent to Daisy, was described as the "Death car" which killed Myrtle. Similarly to Daisy killing Gatsby's dreams and hope of the future. Tom's triumph over Gatsby was launched by Tom's findings about Gatsby's past. This implies that he had been suspicious of him and the possible relation he has with his wife. On their way to the town, we find out that Wilson has made a similar discovery to Tom's about his wife too. F. Scott Fitzgerald implies that there are no differences between the men in the East. Life in the East is occupied with hidden relationships between the married and the single. Tom begins to realise that his wife is "slipping out of his control" as Daisy begins to feel in control: "Commanded Daisy". Gatsby applied her technique as he started on Tom: "Why don't you leave her alone, old sport", trying to defend her from Tom's ignorant remark. ...read more.


Gatsby appeared shocked as he asks to talk to her alone as though he does not believe what she was saying. He starts panicking as he realises he has just lost Daisy. Tom seizes the opportunity to inform Daisy that he will "take better care of you from now on". This could possibly suggest that Tom has only realised how much Daisy meant to him when he is about to lose her. He also starts to scandal Gatsby's way of gaining his money as Daisy stares at Nick and Jordan for reassurance and comforting, however gains none as the two characters seemed both as shocked as she was. As Gatsby turned to Daisy, trying to deny what Tom has said about him, we realise that he has totally lost control. His dream of marrying Daisy has collapsed, as he is left struggling to defend his name from the accusations made of him. Finally, Daisy pleads Tom " Please Tom! I can't stand this anymore." As though pleading him to rescue her from a mistake she was about to make that would ruin her family life. ...read more.

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