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Explore how the poets memorably evoke a sense of place in Composed Upon Westminster Bridge and Where I Come From

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Explore how the poets memorably evoke a sense of place in ?Composed Upon Westminster Bridge? and ?Where I Come From? Composed upon Westminster by William Wordsworth is a celebration poem about how beautiful London is; an embodiment of purity where city and nature are deeply connected. This is surprising and therefore memorable as Wordsworth is regarded as one of the best Nature poets and therefore it is odd that he is praising the city, especially seeing as Wordsworth had attacked the city in the Prelude. It is presented almost as if it is a diary entry, a description of one man?s love of the best city in the world, ?Earth has not anything to shew more fair?. Composed upon Westminster Bridge is a Wordsworthian sonnet and its form is poignant as sonnets are usually used to illustrate love, and this poem is about his love of London. This poem is written in iambic pentameter, consisting of five pairs of unstressed and stressed sounds. ...read more.


Hyperbole is effective as it is often used in conversation to illustrate extreme views. In the phrase ?dull would he be of soul who could pass by // A sight so touching in its majesty? the word ?dull? is an implicit metaphor to the dull person?s soul been worn down by time and experience, the opposite of innocence which this poem is illustrating. Also the phrase ?touching in its majesty? is a paradox as touching is an intimate and personal verb, while something majestic is grand and public. With this phrase, Wordsworth comes close to capturing the indescribable feeling of familiarity and distance at the same time and therefore effectively creates a sense of place. Wordsworth also personifies the city and the nature surrounding it to bring the writing to life and add to the overall sense of the poem. The houses are personified as sleeping people because the quiet and still, important as Wordsworth is portraying the beauty of the city without humanity, ?All bright and glittering in the smokeless air?, giving the sense of innocence and beauty. ...read more.


Brewster portrays the town as a rustic but beautiful place. Brewster also suggests that the town is shabby and ramshackle as she describes the “wooden farmhouses in need of paint” and “battered schoolhouses”. This could suggest that although the rural town seems shabby it is beautiful and the city’s façade looks polished, but beneath the surface it is just the “smell of subways” and “glue factories”. This constant juxtaposition helps to memorably evoke a sense of place. A sense of place is also created by the sudden epiphany in the last couplet where the poet suddenly realises that life in the country is also hard. The harsh language used, “a frosty wind” shows that the poem seems to end in bleak winter. It is quite a negative image and the final half-line creates an eerie sense of emptiness and silence. This final couplet is ambiguous and oddly metaphysical and symbolises her refusal of cliché and she is very down to earth and realistic. Explore how the poets memorably evoke a sense of place in ‘Composed Upon Westminster Bridge’ and ‘Where I Come From’ ...read more.

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