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Explore how Willy Russel makes act 1 scene 1 of 'Educating Rita' to watch on stage.

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Explore how Willy Russel makes act 1 scene 1 of 'Educating Rita' to watch on stage. In this essay I will explore how Willy Russel makes act 1 scene 1 of 'Educating Rita' good to watch on stage. To help me to do this I will look at: Cultural context and setting, for example, why was the play set in the North of England, and how does it help the play? I will also look at dramatic devices, such as the way Rita enters Franks study for the first time, and also the language used in the play, Rita is very outspoken and uses swear words were as Frank speaks proper English and does not use slang. I will also look at some themes in the play. 'Educating Rita' was written in 1985 and that was the time that the play was set in also. From reading act 1 scene 1, I can see some similarities of how life was in real life and how life was in the play. In the play, Rita's husband thinks that as a woman, Rita should have had some children by now. He thinks that women should cook, clean and have babies. I know this because Rita says 'I should have had a baby by now, every one expects it'. ...read more.


Rita also thinks that the picture is erotic but frank isn't very warm towards the idea. Willy Russell has used some dramatic devices in the play. An obvious one is when Rita tries to enter the room first of all. After she knocks on the door and is called in by frank, she tries to open the door. She struggles and cannot open the door. In the play this dramatic devise is disguised by the fact that the door handle was stiff and needed to be oiled but it could mean that Rita was struggling to get into franks study, which was her first step into the educated world. Russel also makes Rita act a bit of a slob when she first comes in; she dumps her bag on the floor and she talks rudely and is quite abrupt. This helps show that she is uneducated and makes her seem as if she doesn't fit in the room. Another dramatic device that is used is when Rita and frank are talking about poets and authors but all Rita can link them to are pubs ad actors out of TV programmes. This shows she is very uneducated. Also, her favourite book is 'Ruby fruit Jungle' which is a very poor uneducated type of book. ...read more.


This shows he was annoyed at her and he had no respect. The relationship between Rita and her husband couldn't have been very good because she said that she wanted to explore herself and not have kids. She said that she wanted to learn but her husband had been against the idea were most men back up there wife's when they want to do something. She was also at the study in secret so she couldn't trust what he might do if he found out, like if he found out she was on the pill. Would he hit her or something? Frank says that '...I think you're marvellous...' This shows he like her from a very early stage. The relationship develops on more after the first couple of chapters. I think that the play relates to real life in the society at that time a lot. I think it helps with flow of the conversation and themes in the play. I think that the dramatic devices used and also the language used in the play really helps move the play along and makes it more humorous when they have a conversation. The essay has explored the social context and setting very well and used good dramatic devices. The themes have been good and useful for the reader/watcher. I think that the play would be exiting and dramatic to watch on stage. ...read more.

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