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Explore in detail the presentation of the characters of Joe (the narrator) and Clarissa in the first three chapters of Enduring love

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Carla Calland - Scoble Explore in detail the presentation of the characters of Joe (the narrator) and Clarissa in the first three chapters Enduring love is a book, which shows the conflict between science and religion .It is based upon a character, called Joe and the relation ship between him and his wife during a time in which Joe is being stalked. Joe is a science editor for many magazines. He lives with his wife Clarissa in an art deco apartment in London. They are an extremely well of couple that fit in to a middle class background "great ball of mozzarella which the assistant fished out an earth ware vat". This shows it wasn't just any old piece of mozzarella it was particularly chosen from the vat and must of cost a lot unlike a packaged 1 from a supermarket. This also shows how much affection Joe has for Clarissa. Clarissa is an English literature teacher. She has been away in America looking for three or four unpublished poems from Keats. ...read more.


Joe uses his scientific knowledge to show how he thinks a bird of pray would see the action going on in the field. I see the idea of the snooker table as a group of balls in a triangle and the white ball coming to destroy all trust and predictability. It could also be seen, as the person running in as the white ball rolls in the situation getting's worse. The response from Joe when Logan dies is confusing he really doesn't know what to do with himself as he is insecure in this position. Nobody knows who let go of the rope first it could have been him!!! The other characters at this time just stand still in shock but Joe can and ends up wanting to make sure he knows that Logan is dead for himself. As he is in a deep state of shock he is un- able to support him self Clarissa holds him up "I unclasped Clarissa's arms from around my waist and turned. ...read more.


Once both of them realise that there is nothing they can do but wait, parry realises there is something they can do pray. Joe finds away to lower Parry's offer, as he doesn't believe in anything like that. Joe has to have a theory behind everything he like in science. Parry asks why he doesn't believe in what he does and Joe reply's with "because my friend there is nothing their". After this consultation by Parry Joe later learns that Parry went and introduced his self to Clarissa. When down beside the body of Logan Parry tells Joe "Clarissa is worried about you". Joe wants to no why has got Clarissa involved. Later on Joe finds out that parry had only spoken to Clarissa for a short time. Joe then realises that he loves Clarissa and wants to keep her to himself. Over all the presentation of Joe shows that he is a worried person and can easily be lead in to believing things told to him. He is also very scientific and interlectual. Clarissa is a kind heart hearted person who genuinely loves children ...read more.

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