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Explore Shakespeare's presentation of love in a midsummer nights dream.

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Explore Shakespeare's presentation of love in a midsummer nights dream. A midsummer nights dream was originally supposed to have been performed at a wedding. Therefore the theme of love would have been a suitable theme for the play. In this play, as in many of Shakespeare's plays the main theme is love. Shakespeare presents many different aspects of love in the play. He shows how love can affect your vision of reality and make you behave in irrational ways. He presents many ways in which your behavior is affected by the different types and aspects of love. The main types of love he presents are; true love, fake love, unrequited love, young and irrational love and platonic love. Shakespeare tries to show what kinds of trouble, problems and confusion, love can get you into. The different interpretations of love are aimed at showing what being in love could lead to. When you think that you are in love and not really, how easily emotions can be confused and changed. ...read more.


Poetic verse is usually associated with lovers writing poetry to each other. This changes between certain characters as that confusion is misleading them or false emotions are shown. When Helena and Hermia argue the way they speak to each other changes when they both think the other has betrayed the other. When the workmen are trying to speak in verse, but it is very poor quality, it shows that they are trying to act on being someone else, but they are not doing a good job. The language of the workmen is that of the lower classes in Shakespeare's time. They speak in prose usually. They try to speak in verse so the parts of Pyramus and Thisbe, who are meant to be truly in love, sound realistic. With the parts of Pyramus and Thisbe Shakespeare shows that love cannot be interpreted and if it is faked it will not work and be obvious when it is fake. ...read more.


When Shakespeare uses all these ideas and images in this play, it creates a very structured and complex play. Also it creates a very complex and structured perception of love Shakespeare has. The images he uses all have something to do with love and its different factors. Using imagery he shows how love can affect your behavior, thinking and perception. He uses the images to make a point about his opinion on love. This play was written for a wedding but was not performed for that purpose. This could be because of the ideas he shows that could have gone wrong and how it could be false even if you think its true. Shakespeare also makes a point of how quickly situations where you think you are in love, or where here you are good friends, can changes around and prove otherwise. It would for the reasons that he shows how complicated and how false love can be, be an inappropriate theme for the play to be performed at a weeding. ...read more.

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