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Explore some of the main dramatic devices and techniques used by Miller to invite the audience's empathetic response to Eddie's tragic actions in 'A View From The Bridge'.

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Explore some of the main dramatic devices and techniques used by Miller to invite the audience's empathetic response to Eddie's tragic actions in 'A View From The Bridge'. Arthur Miller's, 'A View From The Bridge' allows us to witness the tragic consequences of one mans jealousy and an unforgivable crime to his family and friends. With his dramatic techniques in speech and in stage directions, Arthur Miller is able to create a dramatic atmosphere in many parts of his performance. He also provokes the audience to empathize with Eddie when using these skills. The first section I studied was 'The Phone-Call'. In this scene I think that Eddie is trying to do what he thinks is right. Alfieri can see what he is going to do but can't stop him. Eddie can only see one answer to all of his problems. When Eddie and Alfieri are talking before the phone call, we are provoked to empathize with Eddie because of some of the things that Alfieri says. We know that Eddie is a strong willed man and will not be told what to do. Alfieri states, 'The law is only a word, for what has the right to happen.' ...read more.


If I were to direct this scene I would make a few changes. The first one would be that I would have Eddie Walking briskly onto the stage when he was walking to the phone box. Then after the phone call I would have Eddie walking off slowly. This would elaborate on the fact that before the phone call, Eddie was sure that he was doing the right thing. Then afterwards we would be able to see clearly that Eddie was in regret. The second thing that I would change would be that Alfieri wouldn't actually leave the stage; he would stay at the side but still in view of the audience. This way we would be able to see that Alfieri was incapable of helping Eddie or changing his mind. The second section that I studied was the kiss between Rudolpho and Eddie. In this scene we can see that Eddie is emotionally unstable, he is drunk and cannot control his thoughts, actions and feelings. In the stage directions just before Eddie enters the scene the text states, 'looks around' meaning Eddie looks around. I think this means that he is looking for some one, Beatrice. 'Beatrice? (He goes to the open kitchen door and looks in) ...read more.


After the kiss everyone is shocked. Miller's dramatic techniques make this scene most powerful in effect to the empathy of the audience. With Eddie in this emotionally unstable state and the actions he takes towards each character, there are sufficient amounts of tension and suspense. As this scene is not too far away from the murder, the Audience still empathise with Eddie right up to his dramatic death. If I were to direct this scene I would only do one thing. That would be to move it. I would have it closer to the end just to make sure that the Audience's sympathy was evident when Eddie died. To evaluate my thoughts and ideas about 'A View from the Bridge' I would say that Arthur Miller has extreme talent. Eddie started off as a good guy, then turned into a bad guy and at the end everyone feels sorry for him when he dies. Miller is able to make the audience have an empathic response to Eddies death. Even though we know that he caused it himself. It was a tragedy and in one way it caused the audience to feel sorry and have pity. In another way they learnt from it, just like I have. It is always better to settle for half, its better than nothing because there is little chance that you are going to get exactly what you want. ...read more.

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