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Explore some of the ways in which Steinbeck presents disadvantaged characters in"Of mice and men".

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Explore some of the ways in which Steinbeck presents disadvantaged characters in the novel. Steinbeck presents many disadvantaged characters in the novel. In this controlled assessment, I will be looking at some of those characters. One of the disadvantaged characters on the ranch is Curley?s Wife. We don?t know her name which means she has no individual identity; she?s just Curley?s property. No-one likes talking to her because they are scared of enraging Curley. ?He?s scared Curley?ll get mad.? Because of the lack of conversations she has with people, she gets very lonely. ?I never get to talk to nobody. I get awful lonely.? Curley?s Wife cannot escape from the image the men on the ranch have of her so she uses this image to get noticed and to talk to someone. ?She had full rouged lips and wide-spaced eyes, heavily made up.? Curley?s Wife had a hasty marriage to Curley which has failed because she doesn?t have a good relationship with him. ?I don?t like Curley.? Curley sees her as more of a trophy wife than an actual wife he can love and Curley?s Wife knows that. ?He ain?t a nice fella.? Moreover, Curley?s failure to satisfy his wife, either physically or emotionally, leads her to find comfort with other men, even with those at the bottom of the social hierarchy. ...read more.


As soon as Lennie enters his room, Crooks is not happy, ?...he stiffened and a scowl came on his face.? This is because of all the bad experiences he has had with white men. He?s had to fight one of the men to come in to their room at Christmas. ?Little skinner name of Smitty took after the nigger.? Through the use of ?nigger?, we see that men like Crooks were continually degraded both physically and verbally. Crooks informs Lennie of his poor treatment on the ranch. ?A guy goes nuts if he ain?t got nobody...I tell ya a guy gets too lonely an? he gets sick.? In saying this, he?s referring to himself, not only a victim of racial discrimination but also the cruelty of loneliness. Crooks is sceptical about the land, however, wants to be in on it after Candy confirms everything. ?You God Damn right we?re gonna do it.? Crooks? dream gets crushed when Curley?s Wife comes in. Crooks tries to state his rights, ?You got no rights comin? in a colored man?s room,? but Curley?s Wife is not content with a ?nigger? speaking to her like that as she believes she in superior to him. ?I could get you strung up on a tree so easy it ain?t even funny.? After this, Crooks realises that he will never be able to join in on their farm. ...read more.


George had always known that Curley?s wife was dangerous and ?jailbait?. He could have prevented Lennie from killing her, especially as he knew of Lennie?s fascination with her. ?Lennie watched her, fascinated.? He?ll have to live with that guilt forever. He?ll always be thinking what could?ve happened if he had stopped Lennie. ?I think I knowed from the very first.? His decision to kill Lennie after everything they?ve been through shows George disadvantaged because in killing Lennie, George sacrifices his own dreams and happiness for the sake of his friends comfort. ?The hand shook violently...He pulled the trigger.? George says that Lennie?s good for company but we know he?s more than that. George relies on Lennie for companionship and with him gone, George?s future is now uncertain as Lennie kept him from going astray. For the first time, George has to learn to go by in the world by himself as he no longer has his best friend there and he?ll have to deal will the unfriendly and lonely environment of a migrant worker and the insecurity of life ahead of him. To conclude, there are many characters on the ranch that are disadvantaged, however there are four who have dealt with the worst. They?ve all had a dream, which at times, seemed just out of reach, however in reality, it?s never as easy as it seems. They?ve all failed to accomplish what they had set their hearts on, proving that they are deprived of a fortunate life. ...read more.

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