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Explore some of the ways strong feelings about partners are presented in Macbeth and Carol Ann Duffy's poetry

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________________ Explore some of the ways strong feelings about partners are presented in Macbeth and the poetry of Carol Ann Duffy. ________________ In both Shakespeare?s ?Macbeth? and the anthology of poetry written by Carol Ann Duffy, many strong feelings about partners are presented. In both pieces of literature, traditional preconceptions are challenged throughout and I am going to explore some of the different ways that this is achieved. At the beginning of Macbeth, Lady Macbeth and Macbeth are depicted by Shakespeare as in a loving relationship ?my greatest partner of greatness?. The use of the word ?partner? suggests fairness and equality within the relationship which would have been a foreign concept in Jacobean literature and to a Shakespearean audience of the time. This affectionate relationship can be compared to Mr and Mrs Midas?s which is described as ?halcyon? suggesting a blissful and idyllically happy past. But as in Macbeth things turn sour over nothing more than ambition and sheer gluttony. Midas wasn?t satisfied with a loving relationship and traded it all in for more money. Similarly Macbeth wasn?t satisfied with his title as thane and life as a ?worthy gentleman? but sought more power and in doing this, lost everything he had once valued so preciously before. ...read more.


She is also very insulting towards Aesop ?asshole? and uses an endless list of rhetorical questions which suggests she is trying to mock him by emphasising the amount of fables he tells. Lady Macbeth also uses rhetorical questions to mock Macbeth with 'was the hope drunk wherein you dress' d yourself?' The use of the word ?drone? expresses Mrs Aesop?s infuriation with her husband and use of listing helps the audience to empathise with her exasperation as oppose to Lady Macbeth who is never in a position to feel sorry for because the audience are made to feel like her actions are down to herself. The poem valentine starts off with the word ?not? which sets the negative tone of the piece and also challenges previous connotations with the suggestively positive title. Throughout the poem, there is a lot of negative language such as ?blind? and ?shrink? which is mirrored in Carol Ann Duffy?s cynical attitude towards love. It also uses many violent words such as ?lethal? and ?cling? which give the impression of passion and destruction. The one word opening of ?lethal? to the final stanza of the poem is almost like a warning of how the love in a relationship can be destroyed which is a contrast to the positive predictions of the witches in Macbeth but which ultimately lead to the brutal demise of the Macbeth?s relationship. ...read more.


When it is announced that Lady Macbeth has died, all Macbeth answers is ?she should have died hereafter?. This sounds very cold and detached and is a sharp contrast to the warm and affectionate feelings earlier in the play. Similarly Mrs Midas states that Midas had a ?lack of thought? for herself when he was consumed by his greed and ambition that Mrs Midas did not share and was ?near petrified? of. This is a contrast to Lady Macbeth who was the most ambitious and driven of the pair. In Mrs Darwin, the light hearted tone of the piece and rhyme used is very effective in mocking Darwin. The short and snappy length of the poem is also very dismissive and suggests that Darwin?s discoveries stem from that of his wife rather than himself. In comparison, it could also be interpreted that Macbeth?s murder of King Duncan is down to the actions of his wife, Lady Macbeth. Mrs Darwin?s mocking and dismissive tone is also reflected in Lady Macbeths attitude towards Macbeth. In conclusion, most of the views on relationship I have looked at are presented negatively through the eyes of the cynical Carol Ann Duffy and also through the gradual breakdown of the Macbeths relationship. ...read more.

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