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Explore the aspects of love in “Far from the Madding Crowd”.

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English Essay: Far From the Madding Crowd Roberto Thais U6B3 Explore the aspects of love in "Far from the Madding Crowd". It becomes certain to the reader of this novel, even after only a few chapters into the story, that the central and major theme of the book is love, not only as the driving impulse behind the plot, but also as a characteristic of human nature Hardy intends to explore and communicate his perspective about of to the reader. In addition, although Hardy's intention in the novel was not to illustrate an innovative and highly conceptual insight into the entanglements of the nature of love, as the initial publication by instalments in The Cornhill Magazine sought to be appealing and entertaining to as wider an audience as possible, the development of those aspects portrayed is, as we shall se, rather intricate and elaborated. This treatment, which reflects on another level Hardy's detailed descriptive style, is focused in its intention: reflect and underline the author's point of view on the correct nature of love, that characterised by ever standing constancy and based on the adequate balance of the emotions and actions. ...read more.


Furthermore, while Boldwood's love for Bathsheba is an immature infatuation, rather childish and innocent in nature, Troy's feeling towards her is those corresponding to a lustful love. Still, this form of love is also punished, yet in this case more severely, by death. The main reason why Troy's treatment is much more severe, as he is after all portrayed as the villain in the novel, is the increased degree of harm, lies and wretchedness his associated version of love results in. As opposed to Boldwood, whose obsession did much more to hurt himself more than others, the main victims of Troy's lust are the women, rather than himself. It follows that the harm he inflicts is multiplied and hence, measuring this against the moral and spiritual qualities Hardy holds up high by means of Oak's idealised character, results in a greater rejection towards him by part of the reader. Again, Hardy depicts unnatural circumstances caused by a deviated version of love in order to stress their moral incorrectness. Even though Troy's character is inherently out of tune with the pastoral setting ("I feel like new wine in an old bottle here.") ...read more.


seems to be no consistent way to achieve true love and happiness and acts as a prelude to Hardy's later, much more evidently less optimistic novels. Summing up, we can say that the aspects of love depicted in "Far from the Madding Crowd" are to a great extent rather commonplace and can be identified with real-life situations, which not only adds feasibility to the plot but also lets a wide audience to be identified with the emotions portrayed. It is however the treatment and subsequent implications of this development which show peculiar insight and inventiveness in Hardy's conceptual presentation though the narrative. The opposing extremes of love embodied by Boldwood and Troy together with the mid-point, the optimal stance held by Oak, constitute the rigid frame through which Bathsheba makes her troubled journey towards emotional stability, first recognizing the limits to finally settle in their equilibrium position. It is the nature of this position which conveys the novel's ultimate meaning with respect to this theme and finally communicates the author's if not pessimistic, realistic point of view which considers the limitations of human emotion to judge upon the most immediate and omnipresent human sentiment, love, whether be it in its necessity or fulfilment. ...read more.

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