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Explore the different attitudes to love and marriage presented in the play, considering the relationship between Juliet, the Nurse and the Capulets

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Explore the different attitudes to love and marriage presented in the play, considering the relationship between Juliet, the Nurse and the Capulets. In "Romeo and Juliet", the characters of Juliet, the Nurse and the Capulets have different attitudes to love and marriage. The relationship between the characters reflects their attitudes for marriage. The Capulet's have a distant relationship with their daughter Juliet, as was common in Shakespearean times. Juliet is much closer to the Nurse who knew her from birth and she is Juliet's only friend. The relationship between Lord and Lady Capulet is also strained as their views are commonly opposite. Despite the fact that Juliet was not close to her father, she was expected to obey and be dictated by him and her husband, once she was married. This was because women had no authority or power in society. The daughters were expected to look after their father in old age and produce children for their husbands. Many mothers, Lady Capulet being one, encouraged their daughters not to marry for love but for money and status. At the beginning of the play, Juliet has no thoughts of love but she doesn't have any choice in who she marries. ...read more.


Lady Capulet, likewise, uses formal language when talking to her daughter and her tone is reserved. Lady Capulet addresses her daughter as "daughter Juliet". She doesn't know her daughter's birthday but the Nurse knows it to the day. Juliet also doesn't say much to her mother, only a line or two and Lady Capulet doesn't ask if Juliet would like to marry Paris or if she wants to be married at all only, "Can you like of Paris' love?" In this scene the audience meets the Nurse who is Juliet's only friend. She has been with Juliet since the beginning and knows her better than anyone in the play. The audience is given the impression that she likes talking because of her long speech that lasts almost forty-one lines. She is a lower class than Lady Capulet and Juliet and you can tell this by her language. Her language is less formal than that of Lady Capulet but her tone is friendlier and she talks of things that Lady Capulet wouldn't dream of mentioning. She talks openly about her "dug" and she says "No less! ...read more.


She has to show Juliet an example of a good wife. She says to Juliet, "Talk not to me, for I'll not speak a word. Do as thou wilt, for I have done with thee." She feels that if Juliet cannot be a good daughter and follow her mother's example then she can't do anything for Juliet. The reaction of Juliet and that of the other characters is significant at this point in the play because everything has run up to this point and the events after this speed the play up and bring the inevitable ending. The characters of Juliet, the Nurse and the Capulets all have different attitudes to love and marriage and the characters of Juliet and Capulet changed through the play. This is because of the events that have occurred in the play which have changed their opinions. Therefore my findings are that those characters that share a close relationship have the same attitudes to love and marriage - the Nurse and Juliet - whereas those that have distant relationships - Capulet, Lady Capulet and Juliet - have different attitudes and views. I think that Shakespeare did this to cause tension between the characters and to keep alive the expectation of what is to come. ?? ?? ?? ?? Helen McGuire ...read more.

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