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Explore the dramatic effectiveness of the final speech given by the Inspector and discuss his role throughout the play An Inspector calls.

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Sophie Wright Coursework 15th January 2003 Explore the dramatic effectiveness of the final speech given by the Inspector and discuss his role throughout the play An Inspector calls is a play that involves complex meanings and thought provoking text. On the outside you see it is as a typical detective story but within is a naturalistic drama focusing on the fallacy of our actions and on human selfishness. The consequences of our actions change parts of the lives for other people, and this play conveys Preistleys thoughts on what he thinks is morally correct and, the socialist and political views of the time. The effectiveness of this extremely well written play is produced through the writing and through the characters produced in the play. ...read more.


Mrs Birling retorts in an almost disgusted manner at 'the things girls pick up these days'. There's a sense of unease in the air when Mr Birling and Gerald, in a light-hearted manner, joke about Eric 'being up to something' but he harshly retorts, as he doesn't 'think it very funny'. The audience may pick up on this as what seemed to have been a harmless joke seemed to 'hit a nerve' with Eric. Another point in which the audience may see the Birlings unease with each other is that of the mentioning of prostitutes. Birling appears very embarrassed at this but even more so when the mentioning of them being 'fat old tarts' comes into play. ...read more.


It could suggest that all the masks the Birlings are hiding behind are going to fade away leaving them true selves, which may be something that none of them have seen for a long time. Personally I think this also suggests that there is to be sad issue for the audience to be brought up, like the 2nd World War as this play was first shown in 1947, a time where people may still have been hurting from the losses that they experienced during that period. When Birling brings up the topic of war in his speech, this suggests to me, and probably the audience, that the play is about to become darker otherwise this distressing topic would have probably not been mentioned. This is dramatic irony as the audience know about the two world wars but as the play is set in 1912, the characters do not. ...read more.

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