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Explore the dramatic impact of the opening scene of Educating Rita

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Explore the dramatic impact of the opening scene of Educating Rita Educating Rita has only two characters, Frank and Rita, with only one set, frank's study. This makes the play narrow and concentrated. It is set in a traditional red brick university. Willy Russell first establishes the character of Frank, a former poet now a university lecturer. We first see him apparently looking for a book, "Where the hell...? Eliot?". He eventually finds the book he is looking for and pulls unexpectedly from behind the book a concealed bottle of whisky, the audience laughs, as it is ironic. Frank pours himself a mug of whiskey when the telephone rings. ...read more.


The call ends with the new open university student knocking on the door and Frank saying "Go pop your head in the oven," which is very ironic because a poet's wife did commit suicide by putting her head in an oven and Frank was a poet. Frank shouts, "come in" but the Open University student can't open the door, which is symbolic that Frank doesn't doesn't care about anything. Finally the Open University student is able to open the jammed door and enter Frank's study, where we find that the student is Rita. After the first words that come out of her mouth her language contrasts with that of Frank's Standard English, while Rita's language is very much non-standard with lots of taboo words. ...read more.


Tits used to be considered to be taboo, but not so much now, this is because bodily parts were not mentioned in conversation or if they were it was very rude. The beginning ends with Frank trying to persuade Rita to have a different lecturer, one who is willing to teach her, But Rita refuses, because, she likes Frank. Rita likes Frank because she says he is a mad piss artist, who wants to throw his students out of the window. Rita leaves and the beginning ends. It is very dramatically effective with the dramatic device (the telephone) and with one language spoken in two very different ways is very contrasting, also very effective. The end is very good when frank goes again to pull the whiskey out of the shelf and rita stops him showing that rita really cares about him ...read more.

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