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Explore the feelings that the two poems express about living in England with their roots in another culture - 'Presents from my aunts in Pakistan' and 'Hurricane Hits England'

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Natalie smith 10a Explore the feelings that the two poems express about living in England with their roots in another culture Both poems 'Presents from my aunts in Pakistan' and 'Hurricane Hits England', deal with an alien culture and hoe the two poets find it hard to adapt to, to Pakistan in Presents from my aunts, and England in Hurricane hits England. 'Presents from my aunts' is about a young Pakistani girl who moved from Pakistan when she was younger. She has grown up in England but still has connections with her aunts in Pakistan. She has memories of her other culture but she doesn't quite feel part of it. Her aunts send her beautiful, bright clothing that she loves but she doesn't quite feel combatable in and she can't familiarize with, 'Salwar kameez, peacock blue and another glistening like an orange split open'. This simile shows just how vibrant and sparkling the clothes are that her aunts give her. She admires them a lot but they are not clothes she can feel quite right wearing. 'Pink and white glass bangles snapped, drew blood' This shows that the poet is not familiar with the culture as she was not sure how to put these bangles on. 'I tried each satin-silken top-was alien in the sitting room' These elegant and vibrant clothes don't fit in with the surroundings of England just as the poet feels she doesn't fit in with her where her roots are in Pakistan. ...read more.


Throughout the poem some things need to be emphasized more, so the line is separate 'I longed For denim and corduroy; This gives extra emphasis on this word and shows how much she really longs to be ordinary but at the same time sets the pace of the poem. It also helps us to picture that the girls thinking long and hard about her past culture and this is noticed more when the girl is thinking of personal memories. Also in the way which some things are mentioned lightly: 'Indian gold, dangling, filigree, but it was stolen from our car' The girl just mentions it is stolen and that is the end of that. Her mother cherished it, but because she didn't live there as long as her mother it's not as important to her but its not something she can understand. There are mixed emotions throughout the poem where several objects from Pakistan cross over into the girls' world in England. 'Hurricane Hits England' has the similar feelings expressed as those in 'Presents from my aunts'. Both poems show how the two poets feel trapped in between two cultures. Hurricane Hits England starts with somebody else speaking of the happenings that bought Nichols closer to the landscape and the culture of England, 'It took a hurricane, to bring her closer To the landscape.' ...read more.


The poem is split into three sections, The first is the reported part and then the autobiographical part about what effect the hurricane is having on the world, and then the last part is where the poet is free from feeling trapped. A lot of echoes are used to create rhythm and get the image of the woman pleading at the gods. 'Talk to me.....' 'Talk to me.....' 'Talk to me....' Or 'The earth is the earth is the earth' The language at the end shows us how exited the woman gets from power of the hurricane. Even though in the poem a lot of havoc is created, and the hurricane is very destructive, it creates something very positive inside the woman. She is able to fit in with the surroundings of England and no longer crave for the Caribbean. The two poems explore the feelings that the two poets have in living in an alien culture and feeling very trapped. The poem 'Presents from my aunts' has some difference because the poet does not feel uncomfortable of living in England but she feels that she doesn't belong to either England or Pakistan ,whereas Nichols feels uncomfortable living in England and misses her back home country. The endings are also different. Nichols has began to feel comfortable living in England but Alvi feels as though she is still of no 'fixed nationality' even though she is able to appreciate both countries and it has an uncertain and saddened ending. ...read more.

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