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Explore the presentation of Richard, Duke of Gloucester in Shakespeare's Richard III:

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1 Explore the presentation of Richard, Duke of Gloucester in Shakespeare's Richard III: In this assignment I am going to discuss the presentation of Richard Duke of Gloucester. I will also loom at the relationships Richard holds with various characters and the audience. In the play Richard III, Shakespeare uses many different techniques and structure in order to have a direct effect on the audience. From the very first scene this comes into action. The opening scene has Richard enter the stage and begin the whole play with an opening soliloquy, enabling the audience to become acquainted with Richards's character and behaviour. This is a very powerful tool as it influences how we feel about Richard right from the very start and plays a significant in showing the relationship Richard wants with the audience. We know from the title of the play that Richard is the dominant character, we allow ourselves to be taken in by him. We later on learn that Richard is a very charismatic character, and because of his charm and his enigmatic behaviour we find ourselves captivated by him and for much of the play we can sympathise with him. ...read more.


plans to take over the throne and imprison his brother Clarence, then as soon as Clarence enters he completely adopts a different personality, this sort of relates to a show that Richard is putting on for everybody else, and only the audience can see how he really is: "This day should Clarence closely be mewed up About a prophecy which says that G Of Edward's heirs the murderer shall be Dive, thoughts, down to my soul- here Clarence comes! ...Brother good day. What means this armed guard that waits upon your grace?" This small event really puts a perspective on Richards's behaviour for me as the reader, I find myself feeling pity and maybe even empathy, but as soon as he goes on to describe his plans about his brother, then to talk to Clarence as if he didn't know 2 what was happening, seems to me as if Richard knows what he's doing and is really covering his tracks, so nobody realises it could be him! All of these little actions that have taken place in the first scene give you a pretty good idea about Richard ...read more.


This is based on Shakespeare's use of morals in his plays. Richards manipulative behaviour comes into action as soon as Clarence is murdered. Richard uses people hate and anger for others and their selves against each other. I believe that Richard I a very intelligent man and knows how he is going to get what he wants. Furthermore he uses this aspect to manipulate people to get it. His opinions of women also come into light in act 1 scene 3; this is where he attempts to woo Lady Anne. This strongly shows Richards views on women as being fragile and fickle. This may stem from the fact that he knows his mother is ashamed of what he is, as he is bitter and resentful anyway this makes him react in this way towards women! Whilst Richard (act1 scene 1) is describing how he isn't made for loving so he will be a villain, this scene proves just how confident Richard is in himself! Proving that he can woo Lady Anne regardless of his appearance gives him a sense of confidence. Alex Brown ...read more.

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