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Explore the role of the Inspector. How important do you think he is to the play, An Inspector Calls?

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Explore the role of the Inspector. How important do you think he is to the play, ?An Inspector Calls?? In ?An Inspector Calls? Priestly uses his characters in his play to suggest different things to the audience and to display different views from within society. The time the play was set, the Edwardian period, society was unfair and morally wrong. The rich were treated with respect and the poor treated less than nothing, Priestly thought everyone should be treated equally and given equal respect. He used his play and the character of the inspector to portray his thoughts and feelings he had toward society. Priestly wanted to say that everyone should be responsible for each other; ?we are members of one body?. This shows us that he used the voice of the inspector to say this to the people in the play and the people who are watching the play, he is an important character and his purpose is to teach the Birling?s a lesson; ?if men will not learn that lesson they will be taught it in fire and blood and brimstone?. ...read more.


This creates the character of the Inspector to become mysterious and leaves the audience guessing, is he a relative of Eva Smith? Is he a journalist? A voice from the future? These questions remain unanswered throughout the play, leaving the audience to decide for themselves. The appearance of the Inspector also demands a sense of mysteriousness and formality when he is shown wearing a dark formal suit. This also creates a solidity and purposefulness within the Inspector. The Inspector?s behaviour demands respect and he is calm and collected. He is also quite aggressive in his need for getting information out of the Birling?s; ?Don?t stammer and yammer at me again mam. I?m losing all patience with you people.? This shows us he is more aggressive with the older generation because they know better, they should take responsibility for what they?ve done and he becomes angry because they don?t listen to him. It is understood that the audience sees the Inspector as an outside voice and that he is the playwright, J.B Priestly, voicing the opinions of the person who wrote the play. ...read more.


I think the Inspector is very important to the play, not only does he open up the secrets from within the Birling family and within the suicide case of Eva Smith but he also shows a side to society that was ignored before. He shows how wrong it is that rich people are in fact treated better than people with less money. He shows how society is ruined and how everyone is so arrogant they can?t even see it. He shows a change within the characters that also shows the audience that society can change, with help. He uses manipulation to get what he wants and to expose characters of their true and nasty selves. The inspector plays a very important role within the play, he is the narrator of a tragic story, he shows the good and the bad to the story and really shows the audience what society was like in that time. The Inspector is exactly what Priestly was trying to say and that?s why, without him, the play would be a bunch of snobs getting away with the death of a young, innocent girl. ...read more.

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