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Explore the Significance of the Characters Hopes and Dreams in Of Mice And Men

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Sasha Grover Explore the Significance of the Characters? Hopes and Dreams in ?Of Mice And Men? Most of the characters in Steinbeck?s novel ?Of Mice and Men? admit, at one point or another, to dreaming of a different and better life to that which they are living. George and Lennie share a dream of owning a small plot of land and farming it together; ?someday were gonna? get the jack together and we?re gonna? have a little house and couple of acres an? a cow and some pigs?? Lennie takes particular pleasure when George retells the dream to him. Lennie is mentally disabled and has difficulties in recalling many things, but when it comes to his hopes for the future he can recite things almost word for word, just as George has described things. He often enthuses so much that he finishes George?s sentences which relate to the ?Dream?; ?But not us! ...read more.


In the times when Steinbeck set this novel, America was in The Depression; jobs were hard to come by and positions lacked security. Some could say that George and Lennie?s hopes and aspirations for the future are like the mythical ?American Dream?. This is the idea of living a life of independence and freedom in which success is a definite possibility. We get the impression that George isn?t as excited about the dream as Lennie, but it is later on revealed that he is just more cautious about that excitement. His hopes and desires allows him to protect Lennie?s innocence but another part of him wants to grow up and escape the pain of hope by indulging in women and drink. Additionally, George explodes at Lennie when he imagines what it would be like to be the dream-life of a traveling worker without any burdens; ?If I was alone I could live so easy?. ...read more.


He is willing to put up his compensation money, which he was given after his accident at the ranch in order to achieve this dream. When Candy decides to collaborate with them and the idea of owning a farm becomes tangible, none of the men know how to respond What seemed like a faint hope to George now seems possible; ?This thing that they had never really believed in was coming true.? For George and Lennie their dream serves as a diversion from the strife of everyday life and not as a realistic goal. In summary the dreams expressed so far in ?Of Mice And Men? are close to fantasy, but simple enough to do. The main theme of Lennie and Georges dream is a place to ?belong?; ?We?d jus? live there, we?d belong there?, as they do not have anywhere of their own; ?our own place where we belonged?? and have no family, in fact they only have each other. It also provides reassurance to their lives and the hope of one day finding security and living the ?American Dream? ...read more.

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