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Explore the theme of betrayal, and how the position of women in society at the time is reflected in each of the texts.

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The Seduction -By Eileen McAuley Tony Kytes the Arch Deceiver -By Thomas Hardy Explore the theme of betrayal, and how the position of women in society at the time is reflected in each of the texts. 'The Seduction' is about a girl who has been 'seduced' by a boy which she meets at a party. They sleep together and afterwards she never sees him again. She then finds out she's pregnant. She realises that he had led her to believe that he would stay with her when really he had no intention of doing this. She is mad with herself for thinking that all those 'happily ever after' stories are true. 'Tony Kytes the Arch Deceiver' is about a man (Tony) who is engaged to a girl called Milly Richards. One day he is driving back to Longpuddle, his home. He sees an old sweetheart, Unity, and gives her a lift. Unity tries to persuade Tony that she would make a better wife than Milly. Tony then sees Milly so he asks Unity to hide. Then, he sees Hannah, his very first girlfriend so he asks Milly to hide as well. As he and Hannah talk, he wonders why he ever even thought of Milly or Unity when Hannah is so attractive. At the end, the wagon crashes and all three ladies fall out. ...read more.


Hannah had been Tony's first love. She seems to look down on Tony. "She tossed her head a little disdainful and smiled off-hand." She is quite rude. "How can you be so stupid, Tony?" "Well, aren't you going to be civil enough to ask me to ride home with you." What she says suggests he isn't polite when, in fact, he is extremely so. He is slightly scared of her. "...what was I thinking of?' said Tony in a flutter." She is forceful, almost the 'man' in the relationship. She makes physical contact and she brings up marriage. She is vain. "...in a tantrum because of the discovery, and the scar that might be left on her face." Ironically, for all her spirit, when Hannah finds she has a scratch on her face she runs to daddy! The difference between them is that when the truth comes out at least Unity and Hannah turn Tony down. -Milly takes him back. The girl in the poem is na�ve. She has false hopes of marriage and experiencing a real life 'happily ever after' story. When meeting the boy and sleeping with him, she assumes this means he wants to marry her. Whereas Milly, Unity and Hannah have probably known Tony all of their lives, the girl in the poem only knew the boy for a few hours. ...read more.


says Tony, flaring up." In contrast to Tony Kytes who is polite and respectful, the boy doesn't sound like a very appealing person at all. He plays truant, reads pornographic magazines, sniffs solvents and smokes. He spits, his kisses taste of nicotine, he is not at all bright and all he's interested in is sex. Oppose to Tony, the boy had planned the whole seduction. When paying the girl lots of attention and making her feel special, he was not doing this because he had an alternate motive. Poor Tony was just unluckily to be a victim of such a situation. If the boy had liked her he would never have called her a 'little slag'. Tony seemed as though he didn't mean to hurt the girls' feelings and he felt bad about the whole thing. Hardy's story is obviously written from a man's point of view. His presentation of women is that they are gullible, na�ve and silly. I imagine he would think something along the lines of 'it was the girls' own fault, they brought it upon themselves' or similar. McAuley's presentation of the girl is slightly different. Again, the girl is gullible and na�ve but she is not silly or stupid, she is a victim. There is sympathy evident for the girl whereas in 'Tony Kytes the Arch Deceiver', you can almost here Hardy and his mates cheering Tony on. The tones of the two pieces are completely different. Aisling Knight 10.4 17th December 1999 4 1 ...read more.

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