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Explore the theme of loneliness in Mice and men, how does Steinbeck show the loneliness of an itinerant lifestyle through three particular characters.

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Explore the theme of loneliness in Mice and men, how does Steinbeck show the loneliness of an itinerant lifestyle through three particular characters. Many of the characters in mice and men are lonely and this motivates them to look for an alternative way of life. This is one of the reasons why they are drifters. They are continually searching often without knowing what they are really looking for. Characters are also lonely because of something within themselves. Different characters seek comfort in different things, for Candy this is his dog, for George and Lenny it's each other "I want you to stay with me Lenny", for Crooks it's his pride and skill at pitching horseshoes. These small comforts are the only things that keep these men going. They have no family to feed so the only real motivation they have to work is to keep themselves alive. Right from the beginning of the book Steinbeck emphasizes the loneliness of George and Lenny by putting just two men in such ...read more.


In a way this would be his way of becoming less lonely as he could be an authority figure over them rather than everyone else telling him what to do. George is Lenny's best friend and mentor. He is the closest thing to family that Lenny has got from what we can tell in the book and although he gets angry sometimes and talks about how he could do so much better without Lenny, "When I think of the swell time I could have without you, I go nuts, I never get no peace.", he knows deep down that without Lenny he wouldn't be the same "No - look ! I was jus foolin, Lenny cause I want you to stay with me." When Lenny threatens George that he will actually leave George realises the loneliness that they would both face if Lenny carried out the threat and told Lenny to stay. ...read more.


Crooks has no woman in his life and the book doesn't mention that he ever has. The only time Crooks isn't lonely is when the men play the horseshoe tossing game. Crooks in this unique social activity is aloud to take part and forget that he is a social pariah "Outside came the clang of horse-shoes on the playing peg as Crooks scored top points" In conclusion one of the novels main themes is loneliness. There isn't one character in the whole story who doesn't feel lonely. All the men move to a ranch and just as they make good friends it becomes time to move in to the next ranch and start again. For Crooks he will most likely stay in the same place for all his working life living alone until such time he becomes useless and then he will be thrown out into a world that has no place for him. By the end of the novel the only two people who escape this life long loneliness seem to be Lenny and Curlies wife. Adam hollings ...read more.

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